Sunday, November 2, 2008

Peraica and Alvarez campaigns on FaceBook

Both candidates for Cook Tony Peraica and Anita Alvarez have FaceBook page groups which are places where friends can gather and share information.

Anita has two FaceBook groups: Anita Alvarez for States Attorney, which lists 195 members, and Supporters of Anita Alvarez for Cook County State's Attorney, which lists 89 members.

Peraica has two pages, DePaul College Republicans for Peraica, which lists 25 members, and 10,000 Strong for Antohy Peraica (For Cook County State's Attorney), which has 46 members.

Of course, when you search Antony or Tony Peraica and Anita Alvarez on FaceBook, Anita shares her name with hundreds of others across the multi-million member internet network. Peraica may have some cousins.

In this case, FaceBook probably isn't doing either of them any good.

Anita's biggest asset: She's backed by the powerful Cook County Democratic Organizations.

Anita's biggest liability: She was in the Cook County State's attorneys office for years with little or no notoriety, and never challenging the status quo, which hasn't been very good under Dick Devine or Rich Daley.

Tony's biggest asset: He shakes up the system and isn't afraid to take on the populist issues, losing political friends on behalf of the greater public good.

Tony's biggest liability: The Cook County Republican Organization was decimated under the pathetic leadership of Elizabeth Doody Gorman, the do-nothing loser GOP "leader" and committeeman of Orland Township and member of the Cook County Board.

-- Ray Hanania

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Curt Mercadante said...

Ray - actually, Tony has numerous facebook pages. His main facebook page has 317 fans and is VERY active.