Friday, March 20, 2009

Paul O'Grady may not be from the 19th Ward but he's spending like he is

For a guy with no political clout (or ties to the 19th Ward), Paul O'Grady is doing pretty well when it comes to raising money and getting the word out on his election.

Until he decided to run, I'd never heard of him and wrote him off as a 19th Ward minion. But I spoke with O'Grady many weeks back and he assured me he has no family nor working connections to any of the powerful 19th Ward bosses who have been eying Orland Park and Orland Township as a satellite province for the past decade.

Last week, O'Grady mailed an expensive four-color piece to introduce himself to the resident of Orland Township. O'Grady -- no relation to former sheriff Jim O'Grady -- is challenging incumbent Robert Maher for the post of Orland Township supervisor. Maher won the seat four years ago, defeating an ineffective and political do-nothing former supervisor Tom Mahoney, who has continued a petty vindictive assault on Maher with a stupid libel suit stemming from the back and forth political fight in the 2005 election contest. (Talk about a political baby!)

This week, 19th Ward Big Shot Sheriff Tom Dart started making telephone calls to every registered voter in Orland Township at a huge expense paid for by the SEIU -- The Service Employees International Union, which is Democratic.

Dart was the former chief of staff to former sheriff Michael Sheahan, who also was the former alderman of the 19th Ward.

It all kind of makes the argument about whether he is backed by the 19th ward or not moot.

You can listen to the phone call message by clicking here.

I'll be honest with you. My personal opinion is this. O'Grady is a nice guy. But I would rather have him show his local support than bring in these people who have never done anything for Orland Township like Dart and the SEIU.

Maher is a decent person. The Township is a good place. I like the idea of moving the Township offices out of their current location and putting them in the old Donnelly Building across from the Orland Civic Center, south of the library and the Police headquarters, and kitty-corner from the Village Hall. It puts all our government in one place.


O'Grady has two campaign committee's. The first is "Friends of Paul O'Grady," which so far has not reported any income. The second is "The Committee to Elect Orland Township First Party," which is fielding O'Grady's entire candidate slate. That has no money reported, either.

Now, under state finance rules, you must report any donation of $500 or more within a few days during the final 30 days before any election. That would include the SEIU in-kind contribution which surely costs more than $500 to get an incumbent sheriff to make a phone call push message to voters to every registered voter in orland Township. Huge expense.

Finally, the election is heating up!


A poll by "Republican" Orland Township Committeeman Elizabeth Doody Gorman showed that 87 percent of the townships paid Republican members favor Maher. But, the fact that she even asked her Republican members if they supported O'Grady, a Democrat, or Maher, a Republican, only showed how weak she is as a Republican leader. Why would you even want Republicans saying officially (it's on her web site) that "13 percent" of the Republicans prefer a Democrat over a loyal Republican?

Poor leadership. Paul Vallas, who is planning to run against tax man and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, should take her place on the Cook County board not just as a favor to the Republican Party but as her first real smart act of GOP leadership.

Maher is a member of the Republican Organization, which tells you how little Gorman feels about loyalty. Pathetic!

-- Ray Hanania

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