Thursday, June 24, 2010

Special meeting to appoint new METRA Board chairman

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Liz Gorman
Commissioner 17th District





TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010
l0:30 AM
1. Election of PACE Board Chairman
2. Appointment of two (2) RTA Board Members
3. Appointment of one (1) Metra Board Member - Northwest Subwban

Suburban Cook County Commissioners:
Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Gorman, 17th District, Chairman
Commissioner Deborah Sims, 5th District
CommissionerJ oanP . Murphy, 6th District
Commissioner Peter N. Silvestri, 9th District
Commissioner Larry Suffredin, 13th District
Commissioner Gregg Goslin, l4tn District
Commissioner Timothv O. Schneider. 15th District
Commissioner Anthonv J. Peraica. 16th District


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congressman Kirk blasted for his ties to BP Oil Company

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For Immediate Release
June 17, 2010
Contact: Deirdre Murphy, (202) 485-3129


GOP Congressman Barton Apologized To BP CEO Tony Hayward For The "Political Pressure" His Company Is Facing, Calls $20 Billion Commitment “Shakedown”

Time for Congressman Kirk To Denounce Or Embrace Colleague’s Astounding Remarks

A key Republican Congressman apologized to British Petroleum C.E.O. Tony Hayward today during a congressional hearing, over the insistence that the Big Oil company create a fund to pay for all of the economic damages to residents of the Gulf coast resulting from the catastrophic oil spill. Congressman Joe Barton of Texas called the fund a “$20 billion shakedown” and said he was “ashamed” of the White House’s actions and offered his sincere apology to BP and it’s CEO Tony Hayward. Due to Congressman Kirk’s support for Big Oil, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is asking Congressman Kirk to denounce these comments from his Republican colleague immediately.

“Congressman Kirk has spent his career standing-up for Big Oil,” said DSCC Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Today, Congressman Kirk ought to denounce his colleague for crossing the line rather than embrace his apology to British Petroleum and its C.E.O. Congressman Kirk can either be ashamed of the White House for securing $20 billion to pay for damages, or he can be ashamed of his colleague for his shameless shilling for big oil.”

Today, a Republican colleague of Congressman Kirk offered his apology to Big Oil company British Petroleum and it’s CEO. Thus far, Congressman Kirk has also been a steadfast ally for his Big Oil backers. In light of his colleague’s tone deaf remarks today, will Congressman Kirk denounce this apology to BP or will he stay silent?”

Kirk Has Received Over $67,000 From Oil and Gas. Over his career, Kirk has taken $67,200 in campaign cash from the oil and gas industries. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 6/14/10]

Kirk defends his war time record in Iraq and Aghanistan

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Dear Friend:

The negative campaign being waged against my 21 years of service in the United States Navy Reserve turned from dirty to ridiculous. Yesterday, WFLD allowed a partisan surrogate for Alexi Giannoulias to make ludicrous accusations without challenge or correction.

According to Giannoulias’ surrogate State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora), I should “apologize to all the veterans especially the veterans during the Vietnam era because that’s when he supposedly served.” I was 13 years old when the Vietnam Paris Peace Accords were signed in 1973.

Rep. Chapa LaVia was on a roll. She also said “allegations are starting to come out where he falsified that he served in Iraq and Afghanistan too.” I served over Iraq as part of Operation Northern Watch in 2000 and twice served in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Watch the clip below:

These are just two of many misleading assertions now emanating from Alexi Giannoulias’ campaign. At this point, it’s hard to take what he or his representatives say seriously.

Our state and this nation face serious issues: high unemployment, a soaring federal debt and the tragedy in the Gulf. After Broadway Bank’s collapse and massive losses in the Illinois Bright Start college savings program, Treasurer Giannoulias and his campaign surrogates will tell you anything to change the subject.

In the end, we will win this election because our ideas are better. We want a brighter future for Illinois families based on lower taxes, less spending, clean government and private sector job growth. We also want a brighter future for America with a strong national defense and unwavering support for democratic allies like Israel. And the people of Illinois do too.

I want to thank you all – especially my fellow veterans – for standing with me. Working together, we will return this Senate seat to its rightful owners – the people of Illinois.

Very truly yours,

Mark Kirk
Member of Congress

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charley Horse Munster Indiana hosts two Blackhawks stars at autograph session to celebrate Stanley Cup victory

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     Bryan Sord
JUNE 15, 2010                                                                                               219-836-4040

Charley Horse Munster Indiana hosts two Blackhawks stars
at autograph session to celebrate Stanley Cup victory

Two of the members of the Chicago Backhawks will host an autograph session at a special Stanley Cup Celebration Monday night June 21 at the Charley Horse Sports Bar in Munster Indiana.

Featured Blackhawks guests are Andrew Ladd, #16 leftwing, and Kris Versteeg, #32 also leftwing. The event will be at Charley Horse Restaurant, 8940 Calumet Avenue, in Munster, Indiana.

Charley Horse in Munster is operated by Bryan Sord. Sord also operates two other Charley Horse Sports Bars in Tinley Park and also New Lenox, in Illinois. And, Sord operates the popular 94 West Steak & Seafood restaurant in Orland Park.

“We’re very honored to have Ladd and Versteeg join us to celebrate the Stanley Cup victory,” said Sord who opened the franchise in Munster, Indiana in February of 2010.

Charley Horse is a very popular hangout for sports aficionados, and offers not only a superb menu of food but also features one of the only “Ice Bars” in the region.

“The Ice Bar is a section of the bar that is made of solid ice. Our customers love it. It is a tough challenge to maintain but it adds a special ambience today’s sports customers demand,” Sord said.

“These autographs are highly sought especially in the wake of the spectacular Stanley Cup victory by sports memorabilia collectors and Blackhawks fans.”

Past celebrities have included the face of Blackhawks hockey, Bobby Hull, Tony Esposito, former goalie for the Blackhawks, and his brother, Phil Esposito, a Center. Both Espositos have been honored with admission to the Hall of Fame.

The autograph session starts at 7 pm  and costs $125. Seating is limited and every participant will receive two autographs from each player. Reservations are required in advance by calling 815-463-1700.

94 West Steak & Seafood Restaurant is also the location for the new reality TV show on Comcast Cable TV, “Star Chef Chicagoland,” which is broadcast every Friday night on Channel 19. Details on the show can be obtained at

Bryan Sord’s Restaurants include:

94 West Restaurant
15410 94th Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 364-9494

Charley Horse Restaurants & Sports Bars

8940 Calumet Avenue
Munster Indiana

901 Lincoln Highway
New Lenox, Illinois
Fax: 815-463-1717

9501 W. 171st Street
Tinley Park, Illinois


Clerk Brown Files Attorney Disciplinary Action against David Novoselsky for alleged Attorney Misconduct and Taxpayer Waste

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                            Press Contact:
                                                                                                                                                Enza Raineri 312-603-4719

Clerk Brown Files Attorney Disciplinary Action against David Novoselsky for alleged Attorney Misconduct and Taxpayer Waste
Estimated over $1 million spent defending what the Clerk’s Office considers to be Novoselsky’s frivolous legal actions

(Chicago, IL)       June 14, 2010, Today, Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown filed a lengthy complaint stacked with exhibits against Chicago attorney David Novoselsky with the Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission, allegedly for attorney misconduct and wasting taxpayer money by repeatedly filing what the Clerk's Office considers frivolous legal actions against her, a total of 19, over a six-year period.

“In my opinion, David Novoselsky wasted taxpayer money by filing what we consider to be frivolous legal actions,” said Dorothy Brown. “We believe the evidence in our filing shows Novoselsky developed a pattern of wasting taxpayer money by repeatedly filing what we consider to be frivolous legal actions that were either voluntarily withdrawn by him, or were thrown out of court. It’s my job as Clerk of the Court to protect taxpayer money, and to ensure my staff works on the important issues that are affecting the lives of the people of Cook County every day.  We should not have to repeatedly respond to questionable attacks that have already been dismissed by the court as baseless.”  

It is the responsibility of the ARDC to investigate allegations of misconduct by lawyers, and to prosecute the cases where a lawyer's misconduct suggests a threat to the public or to the integrity of the legal profession.  Clerk Brown believes the ARDC will find Novoselsky guilty of misconduct. Not only do we believe he has engaged in ‘baseless’ legal actions, but we believe he has wasted taxpayer money by forcing the offices of the clerk and states attorney to defend his allegations,” said Dorothy Brown.

Numerous court opinions have weighed in on Novoselsky’s waste of taxpayer dollars and court time by saying, “Novoselsky could have, through reasonable inquiry in the official court record discovered that there is no factual basis for the present lawsuit,” and “The court finds that the claims in the present action do not have and never had any basis in the facts of this case or law.”

As a lawyer, Mr. Novoselsky should know that his incessant lawsuits are nothing more than a nuisance, which apparently serve no purpose other than to be a distraction.  In retrospect, there appears to be a pattern of his filing legal actions for the purpose of garnering media attention around election time, then subsequently losing or withdrawing them.  In one case he went to the news media claiming he had filed a new case, garnered the media’s attention, and then never filed the case.

The complaint filed with the ARDC details his repeated legal actions, which appear to be based on a personal contempt for the clerk rather than the public good.  “We are not sure of his motivation, but his conduct is clearly not professional,” said Brown.

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