Sunday, April 22, 2007

Medication and pressures? Nay, just no friends

This week's print column explores the pressures on being a columnist. Not that I want to solicit sympathy or anything. Just that the topic came up over LUNCH not Breakfast among some nice ladies who read my column regularly and whom I heard from ... the wondered why am I so "mean" in my columns.


Here's the column:

We live in a mean society, and columnists always look meaner than they really are. Championing the downtrodden and those persecuted by excessive political fat-cats is not easy because the fat-cats have the clout and the victims don't. So you have to work harder to keep the pressure on the no-good-nicks and expose their moral corruption and excessive and unethical behavior. They are spending your taxdollars to make themselves look good.

All I do is spend my meager pay to try to balance the equasion.

Ray Hanania

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