Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Il. Senator Maggie Crotty on state education

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crotty Joins Efforts to Prioritize Education in Budget Talks

SPRINGFIELD, IL –State Senator Maggie Crotty (D-Oak Forest) joined members of the Senate Education Committee this week for a discussion on education funding and its impact on the state budget. The Senate kicked off the week-long hearings by taking testimony from teachers, principals and school board members throughout the state.

"It is immensely helpful to begin the week’s hearings with testimony from those dealing with these issues every day," said Senator Crotty. "Unfortunately, many of the concerns shared by those on the panel were all too familiar."

"I began my career in public service by running for my local school board. In that position I gained firsthand knowledge of some of the inequities and inefficiencies plaguing our education system," said Senator Crotty. "My decision to run for the General Assembly was motivated by a strong desire to help improve public education in Illinois, and I’ve remained a vocal proponent of education funding reform throughout my tenure."

Other topics discussed with committee members included federal education testing requirements; the availability to meet the needs of gifted, special and bi-lingual students; societal and socio-economic challenges which teachers and administrators must deal with on a daily basis; school overcrowding; and the lack of classroom supplies from working copiers and computers to updated textbooks.

North Palos School District 117 President Chris Slowik echoed the concerns of many present, when she described the urgency of education funding reform in this current budget process. "If this budget is not passed," Slowik noted, "we still have to open up our doors. And we are committed to programs that we will still have to go ahead with."

"These Senate Education Committee hearings are helping to lay the foundation for productive discussions on education funding and an eventual budget compromise. As budget talks continue, I will continue to be a voice for increased funding for education and meaningful education funding reform along with property tax relief," said Crotty.


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