Saturday, November 1, 2008

Roving lawn care companies slam Orland Park every weekend morning

I don't mind lawn care companies working like everyone else, but at 8 in the morning with three giant lawnmower machines that look like they belong on a farm not a suburban neighborhood, the lawn care companies rip up the lawns and disrupt the community.

Shouldn't they be licensed and regulated?

Who are these companies? They operate with crews of workers and while they care about one person's lawns, they are ALWAYS disrespectful to the other people's lawns who have not hired them.

A few months ago, the lawn care company was digging the ground at a home nearby but instead of parking their dirt-covered machines in front of that house -- they wouldn't want to upset the people paying them -- they parked in front of my house and the houses of two other neighbors tracking clumps of mud all over the sidewalks and the streets.

The guy stands atop this huge yellow tractor zipping through the neighbor's lawns and parts of anyone else's lawns that are in the way and their trimmers do great damage to the lawns and grass edges.

It's careless. And honestly, they're sloppy.

I used to have them do my lawn but they were never careful and stuff would be missing from the backyard all the time so I dumped them.

I mow my own lawn and trim my own trees and not only does it save money but it also looks far better than the machine chopped lawns of a few neighbors.

-- Ray Hanania

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