Saturday, January 24, 2009

Governor right-on with his charges on taxes

Jim Tobin of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois ( pnned it down recently in an interview on RadioChicagoland ( charging that one reason why legislators dislike Gov. Rod Blagojevich is that he stands in the way of their efforts to raise taxes, and supports programs like expanded healthcare they don't want because the lobbyists who have some of the legislators in their pockets don't want them.

Tobin says that if Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn does succeed in his coup against his former partner, Blagojevich, the first thing he plans to do is raise taxes in Illinois to fund pet projects and pay for patronage hirings oncluding a coterie of contributors to his past funds.

Quinn won't answer and won't come on the radio show to answer these charges, even though I have extended an invitation to him repeatedly. Quinn only appears with media that suck up to him, and I won't.

Still, I'd love to hear Quinn explain his response to the charge that he supports raising taxes in Illinois. Of course, that assumes he has a good answer other than, yes, I plan to raise taxes in Illinois.

-- Ray Hanania


Bill X said...

Blago is very irresponsible because he created huge programs without funding them. They are wonderful programs, but somebody has to pay for them. The state of IL has a huge budget deficit now, many medical providers and other vendors and government agencies and programs are owed millions. How would you propose closing the gap? Should we put traffic cameras at every intersection in the state? Should we raise taxes? Should we make huge budget cuts? Blago even closed a number of state parks, is that OK with you? Got any constructive suggestions or are you and Blago simply bomb-throwers?

Ray said...

Listen to the podcast interview with Jim Tobin of the National taxpayer's United of Illinois ( from Thursday Feb. 5, 2009. He answers your question directly.
Ray Hanania