Thursday, May 14, 2009

Orland Park slammed by ComEd Power outages

Orland Park has been hit by repeated power outages over the past 10 days, with no explanation from ComEd. Of course. You pay your bill by one day and they're all over you. They dropt he ball and service disrupts the entire house and you hear nothing. Why should they say anything? There's no accountability for ComEd at all.

ComEd is a part of Exelon, the wealthy energy company that pays its CEOS and management millions. To protect those profits, Exelon strip away ComEd to pretend like it is a separate entity, when it is not. ComEd is constantly claiming it can't pay their own bills and needs to raise utility fees. When you ask them about the hundreds of millions in perqs and lavish spending and salaries of the Exelon robber barons, ComEd pleads no lo contendere.

-- Ray Hanania

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Maddeb said...

after 8 years of being a consumer of comeds, our power got turned off. the next day it ewas on, because the day they shutt it off i paid a $1000, the past due amount. a month later, they shut off my power again, because times are hard, and we are struggling to pay our bills on-time. again the next day they turned my power on because I paid the $250 for the past moth of service, PLUS $108 down payment. The next month (now) they thretened to turn my power off again. They wanted $250 for the past month bill, PLUS another $108 down payment. They will bill me next month for my bill PLS another $108 down payment. However, I filed a complaint with the ICC and because I did so, they were not allowed to turn off my poewer. I then paid my bill, but not the $108 down payment, which I am disputing. There are no other power companies in Illinois to choose from, so they have zero compitition. Why should I give the a total of $325 to sit in a bank account of theirs? I've been a pretty good customer, and have never in my life-time been through a recessed economy. Millions of people are struggling,. and they have the nerve to take advantage of 1) no competition; and 2) forcing people to give them more money then what they owe.

ComEd sucks. If any one else is in a situation like mine, file a complaint ewith the ICC. It stopped them from shutting my power off, and hopefully, it will stop them from unfair collection of money not due to them. you can file a complaint wit the ICC at:
Spreead the word, so we can stop ComEds B.S.