Sunday, June 28, 2009

Country Bank's Titanic exhibit was very nice -- my own in-depth research

It was a hot day but Aaron and I managed to stop by the Country Financial Bank Titanic display on in the west parking lot at the Orland Mall. Nice set-up. The displays shows some interesting relics from the recovery of the Titanic that sunk in 1912. My son says he had an awesome time at the display.

I am a Titanic expert of sorts and spent a lot of time reviewing the ship's history. One of the big problem's with James Cameron's movie Titanic is that it had some inaccuracies. Like the "Irish" wedding party on the ship is actually a Lebanese family reception and wedding. Although I do owe Cameron for sparking my interest in the topic.

When I saw the movie at the Marcus Theaters when it came out in 1997, the theater placed a complete list of all the names of the victims and survivors on the theater walls. As I walked out of the movie, I noticed that many of the passengers were of Arab heritage yet there was only one mention in the film by a mother with some children in the 3rd Class section. Here's the feature I wrote and responses I received from relatives of Titanic victims and survivors.

-- Ray Hanania

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