Monday, January 25, 2010

Thompson slams Gorman with more lies

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When all a candidate does is throw mud, that usually means one of two things: Either 1) the candidate has no record or positive plans to run on, or 2) he is a front for someone else.

In the case of Mark Thompson, the candidate for the Republican nomination for the 17th House District challenging popular incumbent Cook Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz"Doody Gorman, it's both. He has no plan to help the county, just a mud-ball of personal and vicious attacks against Gorman, and he is the candidate backed by Gorman's rival Tony Peraica.

I spoke with Peraica, who doesn't like to be criticized. He explained that he is doing what he believes is best for the voters. I don't fault him for that. But I don't agree with his support of Thompson, who has been hammered by almost every major news media editorial, with the exception of one where he got only a lukewarm endorsement with no strong words of support. Which means that single two line blurb wasn't an endorsement at all. In contrast, every editorial supporting Gorman couldn't stop applauding her for her reasoned and effective fight against higher taxes.

Thompson's latest attack newsletter asserts that Gorman supports taxes before she opposes them. What???? I know, the Thompson assertion sounds moronic on its face.

But here is what Thompson is talking about: Peraica introduced a resolution to roll back the sales tax but no one would second it so it didn't go anywhere. Boo hoo! Yes, Peraica opposes the sales tax, pretty much like Gorman. Except the difference is Peraica has made so many enemies on the Cook County board no one -- I mean no -- wants to be associated with him.

So Peraica's motion died  for lack of one vote to second it to put it into discussion. Instead, the board came together around a proposal Gorman helped forge and that an embittered Peraica supported.

The fact that Peraica couldn't get a second isn't my fault and it's not Gorman's fault. It's his fault. And he should stop blaming everyone else for his problems. And hanging around with mud-flaps Thompson isn't going to make his image any better!

-- Ray Hanania

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