Saturday, April 17, 2010

Restaurant Review: al Bawadi Restaurant, Bridgeview

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al BAWADI Restaurant
Six Stars
7216 W. 87th Street, Bridgeview, Illinois
(708) 599-1999
Reviewed: April 17, 2010

There are many Middle Eastern and Arabian restaurants in Little Arabia in the Southwest Suburbs between Burbank and Orland Park, but one of the best in terms of both food and presentation is al Bawadi Restaurant.

Opened in 2009, al Bawadi seeks to offer not only great Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food with a Palestinian and Jordinian twist, but also an environment right out of the suburbs of Jerusalem with waiters and staff dressed to the culture and the restaurant decor reflecting an environment as if you had traveled to the Middle East.

The menu is a little pricey but worth it. The food is always fresh and has a family-friendly atmosphere. It offers both lamb and chicken-based specialities as well as vegetarian menus and even has a kid's menu - which is unusual for most Arabian and Middle Eastern restaurants. Baba Ghanouj and hummus dips, and a variety of pre-meal appetizers, stuffed kibbeh and salads including Tahini Salad (Jerusalem Salad) and tabouleh are choice.

Kabobs and skwered meats and sandwiches are popular including Kufta Kabob, which is spiced ground lamb on skewers served with yellow and white rice with almond slices.

This is definitely a good choice for families who want to experience a Middle Eastern flavor along with Mediterranean and Arabian food menu items.

Don't forget to try the fruit juice as a dessert. A mixture of banana, strawberries and more, topped with nuts and pomegranate syrup, this taste better than Jamba Juice (and I LOVE Jamba Juice!)

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