Monday, August 9, 2010

Governor State University should be denied its university and educational status; refuses to place Blagojevich portrait

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Governor's State'University says it will not put up a portrait of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who has been charged and is awaiting a jury verdict on federal corruption charges. The college -- hard to use the word any more to describe this place -- argues that the legislature passed a law prohibiting the state from spending money to put his portrait in Springfield along with the other convicted felons and corruption that now hangs on its walls.

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Maybe Governor's State University should remove the portraits of other past governors convicted of crimes while they were in office, like that of Gov. George Ryan, whose corruption was tied to the deaths of six children.

Sounds like Governor's State University -- named after the state's governors duh! -- isn't the place where students should go to get a good education, unless they want an education filled with hatred and stupidity and hypocrisy. Pathetic place.

I'd be ashamed if I attended there. Colleges and Universities are supposed to be about academic and thought freedom where students can debate all issues and where things like bigotry and political hatred are battled not coddled.

-- Ray Hanania

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