Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More on Flex Seal -- even the little they give you doesn't work

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Many of my readers are familiar with my Flex Seal experience. This is one of the worst products I have ever purchased. It just doesn't work.

I bought two cans at an exorbitant price ($19.95 each) -- one can was actually free, but you had to pay the $19 processing and handling fee.  Sure!

Anyway, I figured, the concept sounded good. A spray that can help seal water leaks. I had one on a gutter. I used one can, it emptied out in seconds, that's how little product was in the 10 ounce can. Really? $19? Pathetic.

Still, I hoped that the rubber coating that it claimed to provide would help seal the leak. Both sides of the gutter, inside and out. And guess what? This week it rained. And the Flex Seal that prevents leaks, leaked. Yes, it leaked. Not only was it costly and way over-priced. It doesn't work.

I have the second precious can of Flex Seal. I could use that to cover about 12 inches of area. But what would be the point?

Here's my blog posts on Flex Seal. Click here to read the last entry.

Don't buy it. (I spend my money so you can save yours.)

-- Ray Hanania

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jimihorizons said...

I have not used the product yet...But, I order from their TV ad...The automated system was difficult to understand,with few options..Anyway, to make a long story short..I wanted the 2 for 1 deal with the upgrade to the larger can...Should have been about 50 bucks....They said dont check your order for 2 or 3 days..Well when I checked my Bank acct, they had charged me for 3 cans for a total of $ 158.57..When I called to correct my order they said TOO LATE your order has already shipped and you will just have to return it when it gets there (Costing me more money)..Now I know why they didnt want me to check my order...I fear this is another of those TV scams and Im a Big Sucker..