Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Election Board throws out politically motivated Thompson complaint against Gormans

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Orland Park -- The Illinois State Board of Elections this week dismissed complaints filed against Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman by Mark Thompson alleging that there was improper disclosure in her campaign funds.

Originally Thompson, who Gorman defeated last year for the Republican nomination for the Cook County Board, had filed before the Illinois election board on January 11, 2010 eight (8) specific counts alleging fraud. During the nearly two year long hearing, Thompson was forced to withdraw seven of the complaints as being irrelevant and without merit.

The final count, asserting that the Gorman's received anonymous funding, was dismissed by the Board of Elections.

"This is a good example of how some individuals like Mark Thompson use and exploit the taxpayers' money, time and our public agencies to conduct their failed political campaigns," said Liz Gorman in reaction to the recommendations of the State Commission.

"Mr. Thompson filed his complaints purely for political reasons. He didn't care that the complaints would exhaust taxpayer dollars. He didn't care that the allegations were a lie. All he cared about was the ability to file his outrageous and proven false claims so that he could make a political statement during his failed campaign. In his capacity as an attorney and employee of the State of Illinois, he should be investigated for knowingly filing a frivolous complaint and forced to reimburse the taxpayers."

Gorman filed a counter claim successfully exposing Thompson and his political allies, including disgraced former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, for their illegitimate disclosure practices, and depositing receipts into his campaign manager’s checking account rather than his own campaign committee.

"The voters saw through the charades of both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Peraica who remains a defendant facing charges that he vandalized and destroyed the campaign signs of his opponent Jeff Tobolski and was then arrested and placed in a jail pending the filing of charges," Gorman said.

"These are not the kinds of people who should be representing the public.  They are a disgrace. Their total disregard for the interests of the taxpayers is now on full display for everyone to see."

Gorman said she will continue to fight for the best interests of the public and the taxpayers.

(Judge's Order Below)

) SS
In the Matter Of: ) )
Mark Thompson, ) )
Complainant(s), )
vs. ) 10 CD 001)
Elizabeth Gorman/The Gorman )
Good Government Group, )
Respondent(s). )
TO: Mark Thompson Elizabeth Gorman/The Gorman Good Government Group
1168 Margret Street 10834 Carolyn Court
Des Plaines, IL 60016 Orland Park, IL 60467
This matter coming to be heard this 12th day of January, 2012 following a Closed Preliminary Hearing of a Complaint filed pursuant to “An Act to Regulate Campaign Financing” (Illinois Compiled Statutes, 10 ILCS 5/9-1 et seq., herein referred to as the “Act”), alleging that the respondent(s) violated 5/9-11 and 5/9-25 in that the Respondent committee failed to correctly identify the source of certain campaign contributions and expenditures and received contributions made in the name of another; and the State Board of Elections having read the report of the Hearing Officer and hearing the recommendation of the General Counsel and now being fully advised in the premises:


1. No proof has been provided that the source of the loans was anyone other than Gerald Gorman; and
2. The name and address of the contributor of the loan was disclosed as required by Section 5/9-11(8), and
3. The Gorman Good Government Group did not act improperly in amending their campaign financing reports in relation to the source of the loans and their subsequent partial repayment, and
4. The loans were neither anonymous nor made in the name of another which would have been a violation of Section 5/9-25, and
5. There is no proof the reporting of the $390,000.00 in loans violated either Section 5/9-11 or Section 5/9-25.


1. The Recommendation of the Hearing Officer and the General Counsel is adopted; and
2. No further action is required, and
3. The effective date of this Order is January 17, 2012.
DATED: 1/17/2012
William M. McGuffage, Chairman


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