Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Classified section offers FREE job postings

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Cheap Classified Ads

A day doesn't go by that I don't get at least one call from friends and acquaintances who are desperately in need of a job. Full-time or part-time.

This is the worst economy we have seen in decades. The worst in my generation, for sure. So many good people are suffering and their families are suffering because they are unable to find a job to put food on the table.

What can we do? I've helped friends as best as I could. If I hear of a job opening, I try to pass along the information to my friends and their friends.

But I felt I needed to do more.

This week I launched a new online Classified Ad web site.

Cheap Classified Ads

The web site allows businesses and organizations to post Jobs and Employment opportunities FREE of CHARGE. They don't have to pay to post the jobs available or employment available notices.

Last Fall, I had a garage sale in my yard and sold several of my household items. Not so much because I needed the money but because I wanted to get rid of the excess items that cluttered my home and garage. So many people in dire financial need came to the garage sale to buy basic things that I had taken for granted. In one case, I gave a piece of furniture away just because the man and his wife and three kids needed it -- they came in a pickup truck -- and partly because I just wanted the space.

but I realized, so many people in the Orland and Tinley park area are looking for good deals that Garage Sales offer. And I thought maybe this Cheap Classifieds web site I have launched can help make it easier not only for you to sell your items but to also do it in an inexpensive way.

Some of the categories are free. All of the Job related postings are free -- Jobs available AND Jobs Wanted. Some of the classified categories cost a modest $10 fee to post an item for 30 days.

I hope it helps.

Any profits I do make will be used to help me cover the costs of my new radio show, which I hope you will listen to on Sunday mornings at 8 am (until 11 am) on WSBC AM 1240. Listen online

-- Ray Hanania

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