Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Does Carol Marin of Sun-Times, NBC and WTTW lie intentionally or just when her friends are involved?

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Does Carol Marin of Sun-Times, NBC and WTTW lie intentionally or just when her friends are involved?

Carol Marin was whining last week because she asked me some really stupid questions and I responded with a "No."

 This week, she asked me some even dumber questions, but I answered them with FACTS. She is determined to say that Andrew Madigan, who works for Mesirow, which has been Cicero's longstanding workers comp insurance company, represents Cicero.

It's not true. Someone else from Mesirow represents the account. Always has. I gave her the info, figuring I didn't want her to go on another political hissy fit, and she stills writes the LIE this morning in her Sun-Times Column.

WHAT'S REALLY FASCINATING IS THAT MESIROW OWNS the Chicago Sun-Times where she writes her lies. Wow. What an unethical journalist, just because her BEST FRIEND happens to be working the legal side of the faltering challenge against Larry Dominick in Cicero.

(25 of the 27 challenges from Nally and Odelson have been tossed by the independent board ... the remaining 2 come up this week and will be tossed, too, because they have no merit.)

But why would Carol Marin write the facts when she can write a lie that sounds so much better in her column. She is truly unethical. She has a candidate in this election.

Did something happen to you in Cicero many years ago Carol that you are not telling anyone about your past in Cicero that maybe is prompting you to make up these stories and ignoring the facts?

It's amazing that someone can crawl so high in today's journalism and lie so much. You are disgraceful. Of course, maybe that's why journalism is having the problems it is having, Carol Marin?



Ray Hanania said...

I'm not afraid of Carol Marin. She's a liar. And I have won my share of Journalism Awards including 4 Lisagors, more than most other reporters. She is entitled to her opinions but she can't get the story right. Even though Andrew Madigan has NOTHING to do with Cicero, she manipulated her writing to make it sound like he does. Even though I gave her the name of the agent we work with. AND, Mesirow has been doing business with Cicero long before Larry Dominick became president. I think the question should be put to Carol Marin. What happened to her to make her hate Cicero so much? ALSO, Mesirow OWNS the Chicago Sun-Times. You would be amazed at how many readers have said they were shocked to learn that little "secret" that Marin refuses to discuss. RAY HANANIA

Ray Hanania said...

Here's the link to my journalism awards.

Ray Hanania said...

After leaving journalism in 1992, I did take on Cicero as one of 10 clients I had. When it was announced that Betty was the target of criminal misconduct, I spoke with Betty to get her side of the story and she refused to share it. I quit -- she says she fired me. Whatever. The point is I didn't work for her when she was under investigation because she couldn't explain her actions. That makes me different than both Lee Harris and Dave Donahue who took my job after I left and when it was clear Betty was guilty.

Larry Dominick, on the otherhand, has done nothing wrong and is not accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever. In fact, Cicero is a better community than most suburbs, including Chicago and Winnetka. They have less crime, more services and treat their residents very well.

The ONLY complaining you hear is not from Cicero residents, but outsiders like Luis Gutierrez, Juan Ochoa (who lives in Berwyn) and Carol Marin who has a personal grudge against Cicero but won't talk about it.

Maybe the problem is that people really don't change. I am still the same person I was in 1976 when I entered journalism knowing the system was corrupt and biased.

And while the Sun-Times loves to say I got in trouble because of miriam Santos -- that was the court case I filed and forced them to settle -- the real issue was that I insisted on writing four columns on the Palestinian Intifadah in 1990 for the newspaper's special edition on Israel's anniversary and the publishers and editors got upset. That's what ended my career. The fact that I was dating Santos was never the real issue because the editors knew it and I even switched positions to work at the County Beat. But Mayor Daley still thought it was the best way to hammer Santos, to point out that she was dating me.

Unlike Carol Marin who hides her controversies, I have no problem speaking to them and responding to them.

Thanks for asking.

It doesn't change my views of Marin, who is the ultimate hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Carol Marin has had a hard-on for Cicero since forever. She doesn't care about Cicero. Doesn't cover Cicero. Only attacks Cicero. No one in Cicero cares about what she writes. The Sun-Times is a dead newspaper, not fit to wrap fish.

Anonymous said...

Ray, write more about those low-lifes in the news media. That's what I want to read more about. Why doesn't someone monitor the media more and expose their lies and conflicts of interest? Someone should.

Anonymous said...

So Ray on the one hand you say you will have a dialog with Carol Marine to tell her the "Truth" on the other hand you refuse to have your boss da mayor talk with her. hmmmmmm

As far as Mike Madigans son why dont you tell the truth, we are not stupid here.

Anonymous said...

Obviously "anonymous" above Ray doesn't want the truth. I;ll bet it's Carol Marin because she is a coward of sorts. She doesn't want to be honest. Seems Ray answered your question but maybe you don't want to read it.