Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bill Daley explains his decision to withdraw from Governor's race

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Bill Daley explains his decision to withdraw from Governor's race

Dear Friend --
This morning I spoke to the media and announced that I will no longer be a candidate for Governor.  I did so with a heavy heart.

We all know that Illinois faces many difficult challenges and that it will take the next Governor a while to dig Illinois out of the hole it's in.

I've lost sleep thinking about whether, at age 65, this what I want to do with my life.

Because of that, I felt the voters of Illinois deserve someone as their Governor who will commit not just to a tough campaign, but to the more difficult job of governing.

As I've surveyed both the rigors of the campaign and the enormity of the challenge of fixing Illinois' problems, I concluded that I can't commit to what the voters need.

I didn't get into this campaign with any illusions.  I knew it would be tough.

But, I also believe I could have won because I have a vision for our state that takes us from the bottom to the top.  I felt we built a great team and had bold visions for where we wanted to take the state.

As part of a family that has public service in its blood, I've always been motivated to serve.  I've been honored to serve our nation and two of our Presidents in leadership positions, and I've also been given the opportunity to succeed at the highest levels in the business world.

However, those responsibilities also taught me that if I was to serve you as your Governor, I needed to give it 110%.  At this stage in my life, I couldn't make that commitment to you.  Throughout my life, I have looked forward to serving as an elected official, but I discovered, it isn't to be.

To those who have supported my campaign so far, I want to say thank you.  I've been touched by your support -- whether it's through a commitment to volunteer, give me advice or financial support, or stand with me to bring change to Illinois.

I thank you.


P.S. If you made a financial contribution to the campaign, we will be returning your contribution as swiftly as possible as we perform a final audit and reconciliation of our records.

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