Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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Female jogger assaulted by knife wielding attacker in Bridgeview, suspect sought by police

Bridgeview Police seek suspect in knife attack against female jogger

On Sept. 22 at approximately 9 pm, the Bridgeview Police Department responded to an emergency call involving an armed assault of a female jogger at Founders Park, located at 8200 S. 78th Avenue.
Upon arrival, officers learned that a 26-year-old woman and resident of Bridgeview had been jogging on the Park’s walk/run path and was attacked from behind by an unknown male assailant.
The male suspect grabbed the victim, tearing her clothing and slashing at her with a knife, cutting the victim on her legs and upper torso.
Founders Park, Bridgeview, Illinois
Founders Park, Bridgeview, Illinois
The male suspect is described as being about 40 years old, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall with a stocky build, gray beard and hairy arms, and White.
Bridgeview Police immediately responded conducting a search of the area, with assistance from neighboring police agencies, and using a Police K-9 unit and helicopter provided by the Cook County Sheriff’s Police.
Bridgeview officials also immediately issued an alarm notice to nearby residents and homeowners (using the Everbridge System, reverse 911).
Bridgeview Police are continuing the manhunt for the suspect and are urging residents to take caution and be on alert. Anyone with any information about this incident or the suspect is urged to immediately contact the Bridgeview Police by calling 708-458-2131.
“We take this very seriously and we are out in full force looking for the suspect,” said Bridgeview Police Chief Walter Klimek.
“We also urge residents that if they are walking or jogging on the park path and in park areas to always be vigilant and observant of their surroundings for their safety.”
The victim is reportedly recovering from non-life threatening injuries, and is in stable condition at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

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