Friday, March 14, 2008

Eliot Spitzer, Clinton-Obama and taxes focus on Thursday's show

Guests this past Thursday include two New York-New Jersey columnists, Errol Louis of the New York Daily News and Bob Braun of the New Jersey Start-Ledger Newspapers discussing the resignation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and the implications of the sex scandal that brought him down. We also have Dan Proft, a media and political consultant discusses ramifications of the Spitzer controversy, Geraldine Ferraro and the Clinton-Obama presidental knock-out, drag-out fight. Guests also include Dave Astor of Editor & Publisher Magazine discussing the profession of syndicated columnists and columnists who are standup comedians -- there are not a lot. And, Jim Tobin of National Tazpayers United of Illinois on the tsunami of tax increase in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois.

All of the show segments, including most past shows, are not online. You can go to to listen to the segments online on our podcast blog, or you can automatically download the segment podcasts to your iPod for easy listening.

We also featured several letters from readers of my column at, and call ins from listeners on the show at Radio Chicagoland, WCEV 1450 AM, Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 6 PM. You can listen to the shows live online when they are broadcast by tuning in to www.WCEV1450.c0m, or link to WCEV's streaming audio from our Radio Chicagoland web page.

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