Monday, March 17, 2008

John McCain uses taxpayer money to fly to Baghdad -- and Cheney too

It was disturbing to see Sen. John McCain make a political trip to Baghdad and then charge the American people to cover the costs. He says he's there to check on our troops -- right.

I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that he is running for president.

And then Vice President Dick Cheney flies to Baghdad, too, to celebrate his mastewrful manipulation of facts, lies and a less than bright president to return to Iraq and complete a job he wanted to do 10 years earlier ...

I wonder if Cheney ever put on a real military uniform. We know President Bush didn't, and used the reserves to hide and avoid not only active duty durign the Vietnam War (The Swifdt Boat fanatics who trashed John Kerrey probably could care less about his lack of service) and then spent most of his time working on election campaigns for his father.

Five years in Iraq and only 95 more to go, according to McCain.

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