Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sign of the times: Orland Park joins traffic camera revenue club

Sign of the Times
Orland Park joins traffic camera revenue club

They passed the ordinance months ago but the first traffic light cameras were installed during the past week, one at 151st Street and Harlem Avenue and another at 151st Street and LaGrange Road. The LaGrange Road camera faces south, catching catches heading south on LaGrange Road as they speed through lights or, more likely, making soft stop right turns into ticket violations.

Want to know what other's are experiencing with these menacing monitors?

The Protagnonist Blog

MSNBC Report on the Bolingbrook fiasco.

We called chief McCarthy to double check on how these cameras will be used. Will they be used to hammer drivers who make soft right hand turns on to 15st Street -- the west side of LaGrange Road include a neighborhood that is lower incomed -- or will they be used to monitor cars that shoot through red lights?

We'll post the chief's response as soon as we can connect with him. He is very accessible as a community leader and official.


-- Ray Hanania

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