Friday, March 27, 2009

Traffic cameras intended for pedestrian security and egregious violators, Chief McCarthy explains

Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said he is fully behind the idea of placing cameras at 151st and Harlem and Lagrange Roads, not to concentrate on soft-right turn drivers but mainly to insure there is security for pedestrians and to nail motorists who frequently blow through the red lights. (Click here to read the previous story?)

Another target includes motorists on 151st and LaGrange Road who are making left hand turns and who try to sneak through the red light after it changes behind cars that are waiting for the light to change. It's caused a lot of accidents.

McCarthy also said that Orland Park is supporting the lights at 159th and Harlem which were placed there by Tinley Park and are monitoring those. But no plans are in place for other traffic cameras. Yet.

McCarthy emphasized that making a soft right turn on the red light is illegal, "but that's not our main reason for putting in the cameras." In Bolingbrook and other communities, the majority of the citations have been given to cars making the right turn at lights that didn't fully stop. McCarthy hopes the cameras will help drive home the need for drivers to be more cautious. To obey the laws -- all the laws. And be more observant of pedestrians.

There is no need to rush folks.

-- Ray Hanania

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