Monday, December 21, 2009

The Egg throwing escapade now another ridiculous lawsuit

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On Halloween in 2008, several boys decided it would be fun to egg someone's home. In the process, one of the homeowners decided he wasn't going to let the vandals -- that's what someone is when they damage property -- get away. So he chased them and caught one boy, Robert Eischen, 15, a juvenile and a student at Sandburg High school.

The two homeowners are Jan Dziadek, 47, and Mitchel Gorecki, 45.

The boy's mother claims that the two men hit her son, and they filed a police report accusing them of battery. Imagine that. Some punk eggs someone's home and the homeowners get charged. Fortunately, the judge in the case threw the charges out claiming he did not believe the boy's alleged story. (Read one story?)

But the boy has found a lawyer and she is now suing the two men in a civil court for, yes, $100,000.

I wish I could catch the culprits responsible for damaging my mail box. It's just a prank, right. And maybe the kid who broke my window once. Or maybe the kid or kids who egged my home, or who wrote those nasty things after Sept. 11 about "Arabs are terrorists" and we should "Go back to your country."

There's no justice for homeowners because some kids are out there damaging property and threatening homeowners and their parents don't care, or more likely, don't even know.

Now, this kid's mom knows and her big challenge more than a year later is to file a lawsuit.

How about this. You publicly apologize for your son's actions. And then take him someplace where he can learn the meaning of right and wrong. Because filing a lawsuit against the two homeowners for being angry that your son egged their home, is the wrong lesson. It teaches him that if you do wrong, it's okay as long as you get a good lawyer.

In most cases,t he kids never get caught. So when they caught this kid, everyone could relate because we have all been victims. So he got roughed up a bit, even though the judge says it didn't happen. But who cares about truth any more when it is all about the money?

If the case goes to court, and if the boy loses again, the boy's parents should be forced to pay the two real victims here, Jan Dziadek and Mitchel Gorecki court costs and punitive damages for making them have to suffer publicly.

But I am cheering for the homeowners. It's about time someone stood up and sent a strong message to teenage vandals. Enough is enough!

-- Ray Hanania

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