Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Mr. Hanania,

I was pleasantly surprised to read your column and see that at least one correspondent in the Chicago area remembers how Bobbie Steele maneuvered herself  (in my opinion) to steal a much larger pension from the citizens of Cook County. I wish you had taken a moment to reach the larger audience and remind everyone how she ran for and won re-election to her county position and subsequently gave it to her son.

I don't even see how it's legal for these 'elected' positions to be handed to family members. Of course she only did what she saw Stroger do. If he indeed did appoint his son to his county board Presidential seat. I, for one, believe he was far too ill to make such a decision and his associates and Todd Stroger's handlers made that decision for an incapacitated Board President. I personally do not think the current Cook County Board President is legally seated, and never has been.

The only disappointment I read in your article was your frequent reference to race. It's a shame when we must calibrate our polls and voting practices to assure a certain race wins a position. How is a 4th, 5th, or 6th generation of American, a "mutt", to ever win elected office if the media focuses only on Whites or African Americans or Latinos?

It is time for all this question of race to be put behind us and the election of truly competent budgeters and leaders to be the focus of our elections. The Citizens of Cook County can no longer afford to allow officials to run for, and win, election based solely upon which voting demographic they are going to squander the most of our Taxpayer dollars on.

Thank you for your reporting,



Thanks Jim for the comments. I appreciate them and also your feelings about the issue of race … I was hoping to make the point that stronger says race is an issue but the poll shows that race is in fact not an issue with voters at all and that he isn’t trailing a White candidate but rather two Black candidates undermining his contention that he is the victim of racism. I don’t dislike Stroger because of race. I dislike him because he is a lousy government leader. And as lousy government leaders go, he is among the worst.

Thank you
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Dear Mr. Hanania

I look forward to your column every week.  You are the brightest most knowledgeable person in the news industry.  Thanks for telling it how it is and writing so people understand what is transpiring.   Your ideas on a Regional Hospital are outstanding! The world needs more people like you that step up to the podium and "DO THE RIGHT THING".  You are an inspiration! 
Bridgeview Resident.

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Dear Ray Hanania

You are an absolute blind clueless uninformed moron who worships a cardboard cutout of Blago and any other person with a D by their name every time you get up in the morning.  Please quit apologizing for crooks.
Mad Conservative Crime Fighter

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Nice article in the paper today.  Don't forget Cheney got 4 or 5 deferments from the Vietnam War because he was afraid to serve his country but he is sure quick to pull the trigger when it comes to sending someone else into war.


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Ray, I listen every morning and I respect your honesty. However, your show has become a total arab-american travesty. enough with the arab american crap every day. You are capable of doing a wide variety of topics. The arabs bring most of the problems on themselves. Wherever there are arab muslims in the world thete is terror and devastaion. Any people that murder in the name od alah or God are sick people. Please cut back a little on the arab crap. I know I can listen out if I don't like it but I am afan of yours and WJJG .

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Just a quick note to thank you very much for coming to speak to our group "Behind the Headlines" at St. Xavier University. Your comments were both entertaining as well as insightful and informative.  It is quite a feat when you can keep the attention of a group of senior citizens for an entire hour.  I think you succeeded in this with no question.  Our group come from varied backgrounds...... teachers, principals, business people, trades people, law enforcement (me), etc.......One thing we all have in common is to have people come in from all different backgrounds and share their ideas and opinions with us....This, in turn, gives us material to have some very vocal arguments the next time we meet.

Again, thanks very much for coming to visit us.  I'm sure Tom has already expresses that you can come back and visit us anytime.  We'd be glad to have you!


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Dear raghead

"Ray Hanania, spokesman for the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in the Military, told a Chicago radio show the incident would exacerbate existing prejudice. "It's going to get worse. They are going to go after us," he said."

Well you bastards bring it on yourselves with this type of shit. Do us all a favor, pack up, and take your raghead asses back to the fucking desert where you belong. Americans HATE you, and with good reason

Obed Santos
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