Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cicero police nab $600,000 in marijuana embedded in clocks (Check out the video)

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Cicero police confiscate $600,000 in marijuana; one man charged

Cicero Police Video:Mug shot: Arrest (View evidence video at bottom of blog post)

Cicero Gang/Narcotics officers were notified by ICE officials that they had intercepted a shipment of cannabis in Kentucky that was earmarked to be delivered to an address in Cicero and requested that the Cicero Police Department take over the investigation. On 20 June officers of the Cicero Police Department picked this evidence up and returned to Cicero with it where a Cicero K-9 officer and his dog did an immediate search and received a positive hit on all three packages. 

At this time supervisors of the Cicero Police Department made arrangements to deliver the package to the intended address and with the cooperation of UPS who supplied a vehicle and driver delivered the packages to the address. Upon arrival the officers found a note on the window that told them to deliver all packages to Jose Gomez, the person named on the delivery, to the basement apartment. A Cicero Police Officer posing as a UPS delivery man then made contact with the subject in the basement who advised that he was Jose Gomez and then signed for the delivery. He was immediately taken into custody, identified as Roberto Carlin, then transported to the station for further investigation.

After returning to the police station and contacting the State Attorney’ s office the officers were advised to open the packages at which time they were found to contain 36 wooden clocks. Cicero K-9 units again had positive hits on all of the clocks. The officers were advised by the State’s Attorney to disassemble the clocks at which time the officers found that the cannabis was built into the structure of the clocks, each clock containing between 1500 and 1800 grams of compressed cannabis.

During an interview the subject advised police that he knew that there was cannabis in the packages. 
In custody is; Roberto Carlin, 04/13/73 of 1805 s. 61 ave. Cicero.
Charges; one count of possession of cannabis, one count of possession of cannabis with intent to deliver
Total weight of recovered cannabis; 59875 grams/132 pounds Street value is approximately $600,000. 

The evidence was picked up at UPS, here. They shipped it from Kentucky. The delivery was made to the address listed as the deklivery address. We don't know the address of origin.

Cicero Police Marijuana bust: drugs in clock ($600,000 in drugs) confiscated from Ray Hanania on Vimeo.

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