Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why is it that some have to resort to racism to explain acts of violence?

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An Orland Park woman who happens to be Muslim and happens to be Arab tried to attack police who arrested her son claims she was being victimized because she is Arab and the police officer involved in Jewish. Click here to read the story?

That's ridiculous of course, unless the two have had history of confrontation in the past. But aside from that, the response to the woman has been pure racism and bigotry and while I don't condone what she did you have to wonder about the people who are writing and evoking vicious racist hatred at the woman because she is Arab and Muslim. In fact, the attacks against the woman are really attacks against all Muslims and Arabs and that is so ugly, hateful and racist.

This is what was written at one of the region;s most popular Police Blogs. Click here to read the hatred.

I posted a response to the hatred and we'll see how far that goes. But here is the graphic the blog owners posted on their web site:

The comments are ugly and hateful and unbecoming of Orland Park and our community. Can't we get past the racism? So many Arabs and Muslims have served and continue to serve in the U.S. Military it's disgusting that their service and patriotism should be tainted by the unpatriotic viciousness of others.

Did the woman really try to run the police officer's over, as is alleged? Or can it be that the woman was angry and yelling at the police officers and she didn't listen to them and they used their power and clout to punish her for what she did? 

End the hate already and make Orland Park the place it really is.

-- Ray Hanania

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