Thursday, January 31, 2008

More recommendations on county judges

There are nearly 100 men and women running for judge this year in Cook County.

Voters in the Cook County Democratic Primary will be asked to choose judges in nine countywide races on February 5. There are also contested vacancies in the 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th and 15th Subcircuits. Two vacancies are up in the 5th and 13th Subcircuits and there are three contested races in the 10th Judicial Subcircuit.How can a voter figure out which candidates are worthy of a vote?

Chicago lawyer Jack Leyhane has been collecting information on the judicial primary and posting it on his blog, For What It’s Worth. There you will find links to candidate websites, statements offered by some of the candidates themselves, and posts that ‘organize the data’ for each contest, providing information about all available bar association ratings and endorsements by newspapers and other groups.

Primary elections are particular important in judicial races. No Republican filed for any countywide Circuit Court vacancy. Only in the 4th, 12th, 13th and 15th Subcircuits are there any Republican candidates at all. Except in these four races, the winners of Tuesday’s primaries are virtually guaranteed to take office in December.

In addition to For What It’s Worth, information about Cook County Circuit Court candidates may be found at and

Both these sites, sponsored by the Illinois Civil Justice League and the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, respectively, provide information about judicial contests elsewhere in the State as well.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Chicago Reader picks up on Pera media conflict

The Chicago Reader has a more detailed story of the controversy involving Mark Pera's spokesman, Patrick Corcoran, who has been writing bylined news stories about Pera's campaign challenge to U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski in the "Trib Local," ( the weekly community tabloid published every Thursday in some 21 suburban communities, many on the Southwest Side and suburbs.

Here's the link to Michael Miner's story:

The story coincidentally comes out the same week I wrote a similar column, appearing this week in the Southwest News-Herald on the same topic. Both of us have deadlines the previous week. And, at the same time, according to the Trib-Local web site, the "news stories" bylined by Patrick Corcoran have been rebranded to relfect what was not reflected in more than 12 past news stories byt he writer, that Pat Corcoran works for the Mark Pera campaign.

Here's the link to my column:

What was missed in the Chicago Reader story is the manipulation of the Corcoran bylined stories by the Pera campaign. Pera has repeatedly asserted that former Congressman Bill Lipinski has been "running" his son Dan's re-election campaign, arguing that is something wrong with that "fact." Pera cited "press accounts," placing the blame for the charge on the news media.

Of course, the only place that made that accusation was in the Trib Local, in a "news story" bylined by Patrick Corcoran.

The Chicago Reader goes into more details about the the Trib Local managing editor, Kyle Leonard, was an editor at the Pioneer Press, the same time Corcoran worked there.

You won't see the downtown mainstream media hammer away at that one!

Ray Hanania

Illinois Civil Justice League issues judicial endorsements

January 25, 2008 (312) 301-9055

Illinois Civil Justice League Issues Judicial Endorsements for February 5 Primary Election

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Civil Justice League, through JUSTPAC, the organization’s political action committee, has issued its endorsements for circuit court vacancies in the February 5th Primary Election.

“We are proud to endorse these candidates, each of whom has exhibited a commitment to a fair and impartial legal system,” said Ed Murnane, president of ICJL. “The voters should know that casting a vote for these candidates is a vote for honest and common sense – and in favor of a civil justice system that is fair to all sides.”

Following are the circuit court candidates endorsed for the Primary Election:
For Cook County Circuit Court (Montelione Vacancy):Debra Walker (Democrat)For Cook County Circuit Court (Nowicki Vacancy):Michael B. Hyman (Democrat)For 10th Subcircuit (Cook County – Pucinski Vacancy):Eileen O’Neill Burke (Democrat)For 13th Subcircuit (Cook County - Republican Nomination):Margarita Kulys HoffmanFor 1st Circuit (Stewart Vacancy, Republican Nomination):James “Randy” MooreFor 12th Circuit 2nd Subcircuit (New Seat, Republican Nomination):Elizabeth DowFor 18th Circuit (Moy Vacancy, Republican Nomination):Dorothy French
The ICJL and JUSTPAC intend to endorse additional candidates in the 2008 General Election and candidates who are unopposed in the primary were not evaluated for this first endorsement. All candidates for judicial office in Illinois were invited – twice – to respond to the Illinois Civil Justice League’s candidate questionnaire and to provide additional information about themselves and their qualifications.Only candidates who responded were considered for endorsement. All the information provided by the candidates, including their response to the ICJL questionnaire, is available on Information about the candidates may be found by following the links to their pages on

The Illinois Civil Justice League is a coalition of Illinois citizens, small and large businesses, associations, professional societies, not-for-profit organizations and local governments that have joined together to work for fairness in the Illinois civil justice system. Learn more at

# # #

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radio Chicagoland interviews now uploaded in MP3 format for iPods

I've begun formatting the radio shows and segment interviews from the two hour show in MP3 audio format rather than the old .WMA (Windows Media Format) ... I'll also start upload selected segments to iTunes for download and linking.

The web site is

The most recent segments and full shows include:

Jan. 23, 2008: Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass discussing the late Interim Mayor Eugene Sawyer, who was unfairly savaged during his brief two years as mayor. Also Bob Creamer, political activist on his new book "Listen to Your Mother, Standup Straight: How Progressives Can Win." And, Ald. Ed Smith on his campaign for Cook County Recorder of Deeds. And Joe Cesarone, Illinois Campaign manager for Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

I sat in for radio host and former Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka on Tuesday Jan. 22, and interviewed Steve Brown, the legislative aide to Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, discussing the CTA tax, the battle with Gov. Rod Blagojevich in the legislature and more.

Check the shows out.

Ray Hanania

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Conrad Black and Cloverfield


I just finished a "book" on the biggest crook in journalism history, Conrad Black, called "Robber Baron." Don't let the title fool you. It's not a critical look at Black, whose criminal activity in the newspaper business and international politics makes Enron look like a Girl Scout cookie scandal. The book appears to be sympathetic to Black, minimizing what I see as the viciousness of this little man and re-portray him as a possibly sympathetic genius who tried to do good but was backstabbed by his best friends, some of whom happened to be the most anti-Semitic, fascists in the world. (Not to mention his wife, "Super Bitch" Barbara Amiel, whow as once a Communist and Socialist who changed stripes for personal benefit.)

The book is written by George Tombs, who challenges many of Black's critics, and to excuse away Black's crimes. He doesn't spare the journalists who covered Black's career with more professional care and journalistic integrity, slamnming many of them, too.

I was a little too critical of Tombs in an earlier version of this post, but after an email exchange, I realize he may have been simply doing his best to be objective -- and maybe it's my bias against Black (ya thuink? :) ) that drove my interpretation.

So, I have changed. Buy the book and give it a read yourseld. I'd love to hear your views on it. And maybe I won't be so mean in the future when I review other peoples' hard work.


I went to see Cloverfield. Not everyone will like this film, but I loved it. I love science fictiona nd monsters, of course. (Which is one reason I read the book cited above). Cloverfield is filmed in the style of "reality TV." The movie is reflected fromt he perspective of a handheld camera that begins at a going away party for someone, filmed by a friend. Friends are asked at the party to leave the going away party with some parting words. The tape will be given to hima s a going away gift, kind of like the videos taped at weddings for the newsly weds. Of course, it's all done professionally so the timeline of the film can be followed better.

In Cloverfield, somethign explodes and an earthquake like event hits Manhattan, shaking everyone at the party. Of course, they rush to the roof, the leats safe place, to see what happened, and witness something behemouth destroying a building in the distance that explodes in a ball of fire. News reports say Manhattan is under attack. No explanation for the cause, but something huge is destroying the city.

The partygoers all part and a group of friends try to make it over the Brooklyn bridge, after the head of the Statue of Liberty is knock off like a baseball and lands inf ront of their building ... and the Brooklyn Bridge is then destroyed, and four frioends decide to go back to the center where the destruction takes place and the military is in full swing with takes and missiles fighting some unknown beast of sorts. Dumb move.

It is a great science fiction movie. Forget about the claims it is too reminsicent of Sept. 11, 2001. That excuse doesn't hold water any more. Destruction in film is fantasy with a purpose, to off-set the fears of our reality and make us feel more secure.

It was a great movie. Although it would have been even better, and more people int he publci would have loved it, if it had been filmed in a more traditional manner. Maybe combing two formats, handheld camera and conventional filmmaking.

This film should definitely be remade.

Ray Hanania

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul supporters organize "Sign Wave" for Paul Sun Jan. 20

Thursday, January 17, 2008:

In support of presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, Pamela Nachel, an Orland Park resident, has organized a "Sign Wave" event to be held on Sunday, January 20, from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at 151st Street & LaGrange Road in Orland Park. Fifty area supporters are expected to attend to raise awareness of the Texas congressman's campaign.

"Dr. Paul is the foremost expert on monetary policy," Nachel says. "He understands the money crunch Americans are feeling due to high taxes and high inflation." She adds that he is also the only presidential candidate who supports the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; ending a war that is costing America approximately $275 million per day.

Dr. Paul recently received 6 percent of the vote in the Michigan Primary Election, beating candidates Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Ron Paul now places fourth among seven Republican candidates in the national popular vote after a few early primaries. He also placed a strong third last summer in an Illinois Republican Party-sponsored straw poll in Springfield.

Ron Paul has Delegate and Alternate Delegate candidates on the Republican primary ballot in every district in Illinois. Rob Willett, who is one of the Republican delegate candidates running in the 13th Congressional District in support of Ron Paul, will be attending this event on Sunday.

Also attending will be a number of residents from Orland Park, as well as volunteers and supporters of Ron Paul from all around Cook County. Other Ron Paul supporters are driving in from as far away as Lowell, Indiana, in support of his message of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

For questions about this press release, please contact:
Rob Willett
(708) 532-0490


Pamela Nachel
312-375-5034 (cell)


January 14, 2008 (815) 472-4159

CHICAGO ― The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee last week opened four additional offices in the state of Illinois . The new field offices - in Downers Grove, Bloomington , Edwardsville and Carbondale – will serve supporters mobilizing to reach voters in advance of the February 5 primary election. Ron Paul has delegate and alternate candidates on the Republican primary ballot in every congressional district in Illinois.

"Backing for Dr. Paul is widespread in Illinois," remarked Dr. Joe Cesarone, Ron Paul 2008 Illinois campaign coordinator. "These offices will function as regional hubs, operating to maximize the dissemination of Ron Paul's unique, resounding message of true limited government and individual freedom.

"Momentum for this campaign began building in Illinois early in 2007," added Cesarone. "We've seen exponential growth in support since that time and anticipate a strong showing February 5."

Ron Paul's Illinois appeal was confirmed in August 2007, when he pulled a strong third, with 19 percent, at the Illinois Republican Party presidential straw poll in Springfield. The next month, he drew 1,500 to a Chicago rally.

The Ron Paul 2008 DuPage County Field Office is located at 5002 Main Street in Downers Grove ; the Central Illinois Field Office, at 1605 South Morrissey, #101, in Bloomington; the Southern Illinois Field Office, at 816 East Main Street in Carbondale; and the Southwestern Illinois Field Office, at 211 E. Vandalia St. in Edwardsville. Grand opening events currently are being scheduled for each location.

Other Ron Paul 2008 Illinois campaign offices are the Suburban Cook County Headquarters in Arlington Heights and the Chicago Headquarters.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Lisa Wogan, Illinois communications coordinator,
(815) 472-5159 or (815) 355-4159 mobile;

Lisa M. WoganIL Communications CoordinatorRon Paul 2008www.RonPaul2008.com815-472-4159 or 815-355-4159 (mobile)

Monday, January 14, 2008

National Taxpayers United urges fight against CTA tax hikes

Please contact your state senator to say that you oppose House Bill 656 which will increase your sales tax to pay for a broken CTA system. Here is the letter we are sending to all of the state senators. They are voting in the next few days so tell all the people that you know to call your senator as well and show your disproval of any tax increase.

National Taxpayers United of Illinois
407 S. Dearborn, Suite 1170
Chicago, Illinois 60605 (312) 427-5128 FAX (312)427-5139
Web: Email:

January 14, 2008

Dear Senator,

Please vote “NO” on House Bill 656, which you will consider this week. It is a very bad bill for several reasons.

The CTA is a financial black hole that will not be made viable even with limited concessions by its overpaid union members. The bureaucracy is corrupt and incompetent, and needs to be replaced. Many buses carry less than half-a-dozen riders and the CTA Douglas line unnecessarily duplicates the service of the CTA Congress line on the Eisenhower Expressway. The so-called “doomsday” cuts are necessary and only the beginning of what is needed to restore viability. It will take more than cutting 81 bus routes and 2,400 employees before the CTA can survive.

The proposed $530 million tax hikes will harm the Illinois economy and low-income users. The window-dressing proposal to offer free rides to senior citizens makes no economic sense, and is strictly a media ploy. People over 65 don’t need free rides; only 17 percent are in the poverty range. In contrast, single female families have a poverty rate of 34 percent. The handicapped, students, and those on food stamps are needier—but then; why not offer free rides to everyone? Where do you draw the line?

The free rides for seniors will necessitate a fare increase that truly will hurt the poor under 65, to cover the anticipated shortfall of more than $30 million. The Chicago Tribune reports that 73 percent of those responding to its poll oppose giving senior citizens free rides.

The 200 percent RTA sales tax increase in the collar counties is grossly unfair to the residents of those counties, who use the CTA very little compared to the residents of Cook County, who will be asked to pay 25 percent more.

Furthermore, the huge hike in Chicago’s real estate transfer tax, which would raise it to $10.50 per $1,000, would give Chicago the highest real estate transfer tax of any large city. This is a 40% tax increase and will place a huge burden on not only home buyers, but also home sellers and small business owners in a depressed real-estate market.

I ask you to vote “NO” on HB 656. Chicago residents will be riled over the unconscionable increase in the real estate transfer tax. There very likely will be a political backlash against members of the General Assembly who support HB 656. Please don’t let yourself be duped by greedy union members and Chicago politicians who want to throw more taxpayer dollars at the moribund CTA. Thank you for your consideration.


Jim Tobin, President
Established in 1976 NTUI is the largest taxpayer organization in Illinois.

Southwest Side alderman join in endorsing Ald. Ed Smith to oust incumbent Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore

Contact: Larry Shapiro O: (708) 450-1780 C: (708) 829-8796

Thirty Chicago city aldermen joined the groundswell of support by officially endorsing Alderman Ed Smith for Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Aldermen from every geographic area in Chicago were represented in this group of Smith supporters.

"I am honored that my colleagues, many of whom have worked closely with me for more than twenty years, have chosen me as their candidate for Cook County Recorder of Deeds," Alderman Smith stated.

"They support my desire to reform the Recorder of Deeds to an office that utilizes up-to-date technology to provide efficient, professional, expeditious service to the public," he added.

Southwest Side aldermen endorsing Smith include Ald. Edward Burke (14th) and Ald. Michael Zalewski (23rd).

Smith also has the endorsement of Robert Fioretti (2nd), Pat Dowell (3rd), Fredrenna Lyle (6th), Anthony Beale (9th), John Pope (10th), Joann Thompson (16th), Willie Cochran (20th) and Ricardo Munoz (22nd).

Also on board are Daniel Solis (25th), Billy Ocasio (26th), Isaac Carothers (29th), Scott Waguespack (32nd), Richard Mell (33rd), Carrie Austin (34th), William Banks (36th), and Emma Mitts (37th). Others are Margaret Laurino (39th), Patrick O'Connor (40th), Brendan Reilly (42nd), Vi Daley (43rd), Thomas Tunney (44th), Helen Shiller (46th), Mary Ann Smith (48th), and Bernard Stone (50th).

Ed Smith is Alderman of the 28th Ward.

Others who have endorsed Alderman Smith include Mayor Richard M. Daley, Congressmen Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Danny K. Davis, and Cook County Commissioners Forrest Claypool, Roberto Maldonado and Mike Quigley.

Smith's web site is


Chicago media and politicians silent on tax but loud on free Senior CTA services

It's amazing that the debate in the "Chicago" newspapers is about criticism that Gov. Rod Blagojevich wants to give senior citizens a free ride on the corrupt and inefficient CTA system, and the unreliable and sparse service of METRA.

It should be on the fact that Chicago's powerful politicians have once again bullied the six-county region into raising the sales tax .25 percent to bailout the CTA, rather than forcing the CTA to cut its waste, fire those loser bureaucrats and question the excessive benefits that CTA and all government workers get from taxpayer funded government service.

The state and city revenues from the sales tax already go up, when prices go up. But the revenue isn't increasing fast enough for Mayor Daley or Mike Madigan, who is battling Gov. Blagojevich over who is and who isn't the governor of Illinois. Madigan wants to be the governor without running for office.

Here are soime facts:

-- While residents of the suburbs are paying to bailout the bloated, corrupt and inefficient CTA, residents of Chicago pay nothing to help the suburban public bus system. Yet, about 20 percent of the riders are Chicagoans, off-setting the claim that suburbanites "burden" the CTA and therefore suburbanotes should share in bailing it out.

-- Half of the revenue from the increase in the sales tax, proposed by Julie Hamos who is a suburbanite whose district includes the only part of the CTA that goes into the suburbs. The The remaining revenue would be given to the collar counties for "transportation needs or public safety." Yea, right. More money for roads that should have come from the state but Chicago legislators won't approve increases for the suburbs. In reality, the suburbs will end up paying more to use METRA.

-- Oh yea. Metra will be raising its rates 10 percent. The 10 percent hike takes affect Feb. 1.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Elected officials who have endorsed Dan Lipinski for Congress

Elected officials who have endorsed Congressman Dan Lipinski in the 3rd Congressional District:

Elected officials who have endorsed Congressman Dan Lipinski’s re-election campaign include: James Balcer--Alderman, City of Chicago, 11th Ward
Frank Olivo--Alderman, City of Chicago, 13th Ward
Edward Burke--Alderman, City of Chicago, 14th Ward
Ginger Rugai--Alderman, City of Chicago, 19th Ward
Lona Lane--Alderman, City of Chicago, 18th Ward
Michael Zalewski – Alderman, City of Chicago 23rd Ward
Samuel Simone--Committeeman, Palos Township
John Thoman--Committeeman, Riverside Township
Bob Lovero – Committeeman, Berwyn Township
Charlie Hernandez – Committeeman Cicero Township
John Daley--Committeeman, City of Chicago
Michael Madigan--Committeeman, City of Chicago, 13th Ward
Matthew O'Shea--Committeeman, City of Chicago, 19th Ward
John Joiner--Committeeman, City of Chicago, 18th Ward
Luis Gutierrez—Congressman, Illinois 4th District
Michael O'Connor--Mayor, City of Berwyn
Gene Siegel--Mayor, Village of Chicago Ridge
Michael Howley--Mayor, City of Hickory Hills
Harry Klein--Mayor, City of Burbank
Ed Guzdziol--Mayor, Village of Worth
Jeffrey Tobolski--Mayor, Village of McCook
Robert Conrad--Mayor, Village of Countryside
Richard Scheck--Mayor, Village of North Riverside
Paul Gatusso--President, Village of Westchester
Donald Tabor--President, Village of Stickney
Steve Landek--President, Village of Bridgeview
Krzysztof Wasowicz--President, Village of Justice
David Brady--President, Village of Bedford Park
Joseph Strzelczyk--President, Village of Summit
Michael Garvey--President, Village of Brookfield
Richard Andrews--President, Village of Indian Head Park
Noel Cummings--President, Village of Hodgkins
James Discipio--President, Village of LaGrange Park
David Visk--President, Village of Lyons
Harold Wiaduck--President, Village of Riverside
John Lynch--President, Village of Western Springs
Dennis Magee--President, Village of Merrionette Park J
ames Brosnahan--State Representative
Mary Flowers--State Representative
Kevin Joyce--State Representative
Robert Molaro--State Representative
Jacqueline Collins--State Senator
Edward Maloney--State Senator
Martin Sandoval--State Senator
Louis Viverito--State Senator

Jerry Bennett fundraiser draws 19th ward supporters

Contact Information:
Alex Behrend, 708-907-5063

Bennett Bash at Bourbon Street

19th Ward Operations Shaping up for Bennett’s Bid to Oust Lipinski

[CHICAGO, Illinois] -- Demonstrating his growing support in key regions of the Third Congressional District, supporters in the 19th Ward communities of Beverly and Mount Greenwood are hosting a campaign event today at Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park for Democratic challenger to Dan Lipinski, Mayor Jerry Bennett.

“We are building a grassroots network of local leaders and elected officials in this campaign to bring renewed pride to our Congressional District and change to Washington, DC,” says Jerry Bennett of his network of support in the 19th Ward and throughout the 3rd CD.
“Our support is homegrown in the district and we have the momentum in these final days before the election.”

Last month, Bennett enjoyed a strong turnout of supporters at an event in Berwyn at Michael Anthony’s restaurant. The campaign has also held house parties in La Grange, Palos Hills, as well as lined up ground operations in Worth, Lyons, Stickney and the 11th, 13th and 23rd Wards of Chicago.

Bennett’s energetic leadership and proven accomplishments for Southland communities stem from his life-long roots and record in the area. Born and raised in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood of Chicago, Bennett went to school in Beverly and also lived in the community right after he and his wife, Christine, were married in 1970. Both sides of Bennett’s family are from the District … his wife grew up in Chicago’s Garfield Ridge near Midway Airport.

19th Ward leaders, including John Sullivan who ran against Dan Lipinski in 2006 and Maureen Kelly, co-hosted the event along with Bennett’s sisters Kathy Guitierrez and Barb Bennett.


A proven leader with a proven record to change Washington DC, Jerry Bennett is running for Congress to get the U.S. out of Iraq, get the economy back on track and pass universal health care. As Mayor of Palos Hills for 27 years and a small business owner, Bennett is the only candidate running in the Third Congressional District who has the experience providing good jobs with real benefits and standing up for what is right for our region.

A lifelong resident of the Third Congressional District, Bennett’s roots and record run deep. Born and raised in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood of the City of Chicago, Bennett went to school in Mt.
Greenwood and lived in Beverly with his wife Christine when they were first married. Christine grew up in Garfield Heights near Midway Airport. They moved to Palos Hills to raise their three daughters - Sara, Rebecca and Kristen.

As President of the Illinois Municipal League and Chair of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Jerry Bennett has worked with leaders across the region to implement and deliver critical economic development initiatives and quality of life proposals.
Many of the suburban towns of the Third Congressional District are represented by the Southwest Conference of Mayors, which Bennett founded to provide a strong, united voice in Washington, DC and Springfield.
Bennett also started Southwest Central Dispatch – covering this area and beyond – which coordinates critical first-responders such as fire, police and EMT in life-saving emergencies

- END -

Monday, January 7, 2008

Suffredin wins Jackson endorsement in state's attorney's race

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Joins Alliance of Reform-minded Leaders in Support of Larry for State's Attorney

On Sunday, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. announced his support for Larry's campaign for Cook County State 's Attorney.

"For half a decade, Larry Suffredin has been a strong, independent voice working to create change at the County Board," Jackson said. "He has fought tooth and nail to protect taxpayers from waste, corruption and patronage."

"With Larry Suffredin as our State's Attorney, no longer will crooked politicians rest easy," Jackson said. "While other candidates have given lip-service to getting tough on corruption, Larry Suffredin has pledged to create a proactive task force aimed at going after those who misuse or abuse the public trust."

Congressman Jackson's entire statement is posted on Larry's website at

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who cleaned up the scandal-ridden Secretary of State's office since elected in 1998, also announced his support for Larry.

"All my life I have worked to keep kids off the street and out of trouble, but that doesn't protect them from random gun violence. We need a leader who isn't afraid to take on the National Rifle Association. Larry passed the Cook County Assault Weapons ban and is again taking on the NRA to keep gun shops away from schools and parks," White said. "Larry Suffredin is a leader who won't be afraid to take on the gangbangers and gun traffickers."

Congressman Jackson and Secretary White were joined by a coalition of supporters that reflected Larry's countywide support. Over twenty elected officials and community leaders from the north, south and west sides of the city, and the suburbs were present, including Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Cook County Commissioners Forrest Claypool and Mike Quigley and former President of the Cook County Board Bobbie Steele.

Keep Up the Momentum- Donate to Larry's Campaign!

This weekend's endorsements established that Larry is the only candidate with a wide spectrum of support from all parts of Cook County. We need your help to keep up this momentum and share our message with voters on television. Our goal is to raise $10,000 online this week.

Please consider giving $250, $100, or $50. Every dollar donated to the campaign will bring Larry closer to changing business as usual in Cook County. Encourage your friends and family to do so as well!

Visit Larry's website at to contribute, request a yard sign or sign up for our friends and family program!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pera draws more endorsements

Media contact:
For immediate release: Patrick Corcoran
Wednesday, January 2, 2008 (708) 579-2834

More prominent Democrats back Mark Pera for Congress

Illinois Sen. Carol Ronen, D-7th, Illinois Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, D-12th, Chicago Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th Ward, and Ald. Joe Moore, 49th Ward formally announced this week their support for Mark Pera for Congress.

The group, along with Rick Garcia of Equality Illinois and others, has joined the host committee for Pera’s January 9 fund-raiser in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Pera’s aggressive campaign against Dan Lipinski in Illinois’ 3rd District has been named one of the top primary races to watch in the entire country by the Washington D.C.-based Congressional Quarterly and a number of online publications.

Pera said he’s attracting such wide support from across the city and suburbs because progressive politicians and voters are disappointed with Lipinski’s voting record on the issues that matter to them most, such as Iraq, energy and the environment, choice and LGBT rights.

“Illinois Democrats take great pride in delivering forward-thinking, progressive candidates to Congress. They believe Illinois’ 3rd District should be represented in Congress by a Democrat who votes with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, not President George Bush and the Republicans,” Pera said.

These prominent supporters join a number of Democrats who have already endorsed Mark Pera for Congress, including Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool, Illinois Sen. Dan Kotowski, Illinois Rep. John Fritchey, Chicago aldermen Manuel “Manny” Flores, Brendan Reilly and Scott Waguespack and Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore.

For more information on the Jan. 9 event, call (708) 579-2834.

The invitation to the can be downloaded at