Sunday, February 12, 2017

NEWS: Bridgeview police arrest adult male in sexting solicitation with under-age girl

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NEWS: Bridgeview police arrest adult male in sexting solicitation with under-age girl

The Bridgeview Police Sunday announced that charges have been filed against a 46-year-old male truck driver from Iowa who is accused of soliciting sex with an under-aged girl using cell phone texts.

Michael G. Bronkhorst was arrested at 2:15 PM on Harlem Avenue near 77th Street as he walked to meet a young girl who lives in Bridgeview who he had engaged in a text conversation.

Bronkhorst drove from Iowa to a fast food restaurant on Harlem where he parked his semi-truck and trailer expecting to meet the girl. Police arrested Bronkhorst as he walked to the restaurant for the meeting.

Bridgeview Detectives Robert Tomiczak, Tim Prince and Dan Matuszak were assisted in making the arrest by Oak Forest/ICAC Detective Greg Okon, Oak Forest Detective Casey Gallagher, Lyons/ICAC Detective Dave DeLeshe, and Forest Park/ICAC Detective Jarlath Heveran.

Detectives established surveillance after obtaining permission from the girl’s parents to access her cell phone and to continue the text conversations.

Bridgeview Police Chief Ricardo Mancha said that no harm had come to the young girl, who did not meet the suspect. He said that the girl’s parents notified police after viewing their daughter’s texts.

“The parents did the right thing and monitored their daughter's use of the cell phone and who she was texting. They immediately realized their daughter was being drawn into an inappropriate situation and called the police,” Mancha said.

“This is a common problem and a reminder that parents need to monitor the texting and social media of their under-aged children to protect them from predators."

Police said that the investigation began in late December when the girl was only 12 years old. She is now 13.

The Cook County State’s Attorney reviewed the investigation and approved charges for Indecent Solicitation of a Child (Class 1 felony) and Traveling to Meet a Minor (Class 3 felony).

BRONKHORST was charged accordingly and will be ready for transport to bond court in the morning.

(Photo Mugshot attached courtesy of the Bridgeview Police Department)