Friday, January 27, 2012

Cardenas supports the new Sandoval-Tabares team for the 12th ward!

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Cardenas supports the new Sandoval-Tabares team for the 12th ward!
Leader of education, housing and environment issues in the Chicago City Council, declared his confidence in the team ready to fight for the SW. Side of Chicago and the nearby suburbs

Photo Caption: Chicago Alderman George Cardenas (12th Ward) (seated) announced his support for the team ready to fight in Springfield for the residents of the SW side of Chicago and the nearby suburbs: Silvana Tabares (left) for the newly created 21st Illinois House District and Senator Martin Sandoval (D) (right) for the 11th Illinois Senate District. Ald. Cardenas is a veteran, a small businessman, a community advocate and a champion of education, housing, environmental and social services issues.

Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Alderman George Cardenas (12th Ward) announced his support for the team ready to fight in Springfield for the residents of the SW side of Chicago and the nearby suburbs: Silvana Tabares (left) for the newly created 21st Illinois House District and Senator Martin Sandoval (D) (right) for the 11th Illinois Senate District.

Ald. Cardenas is a veteran, a small businessman, community advocate and champion of education, housing, environmental and social services issues on the Southwest Side of Chicago

In the Chicago City Council, Alderman Cardenas has successfully achieved many of his priorities improving the educational opportunities for our children, reducing crime, bringing real economic development and job opportunities into the ward as well as providing the highest level of City Services possible.

First elected in 2003, Alderman Cardenas is currently Chairperson of the Committee on Health and Environmental Protection and a member of several committees including Budget and Government Operations, Rules and Ethics, Education and Child Development, Finance, Housing and Real Estate, and License and Consumer Protection.

Alderman Cardenas hails former Water Reclamation Commissioner; three term State Senator and one of the most prominent jobs creator in the state Capitol - Martin Sandoval - on joining him to bring prosperity and employment opportunities to the 12th Ward.

"Being committed to keep on improving the living conditions of my constituents, I am fully convinced that both Silvana Tabares and Senator Sandoval will be extremely valuable in Springfield. I am looking forward to work closely with both community leaders to benefit ALL the residents of the Southwest Side of Chicago" said Ald. Cardenas.

"I am committed to enhancing the vision that Alderman Cardenas has for the 12th Ward," said Silvana Tabares, a veteran community advocate on her own right. "It brings renewed energy to our team and I look forward to hit the ground running. This partnership is bringing fresh ideas and will work towards improving the safety of our communities, the living conditions of our working families, the education of their children and the well-being of our aging neighbors," stated Tabares.

Silvana Tabares will represent the 21st Illinois House District, which includes the neighborhoods of Brighton Park, Little Village, Garfield Ridge of Chicago, and the suburbs of Cicero, Stickney, Bedford Park, Lyons Township, Summit and Riverside.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


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There are only 13 days left to file an appeal of your property tax assessment to the Cook County Board of Review. All appeals for Orland Township must be completed and filed by February 8, 2012.

Even if you filed an appeal with the Assessor's office last fall, you still have the opportunity to appeal to the Board of Review.

My office is here to assist you in completing the required paperwork and filing it with the Board of Review.  If you or anyone you know may benefit from an appeal, please contact my office at 708-349-1336 for assistance or click the link below to schedule an appointment live in real time: All appeals must be filed by February 8, 2012.
Please be sure to bring a copy of your 2010 Second Installment Tax Bill with you.
Please feel free to use the forward function at the bottom of this email to send this to your friends and family that live in Orland Township.

Distributed by Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Radio Chicagoland this morning Sunday Jan. 22, 2012

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Authors, Chicago Alderman, the Republican Primary Newt and Mitt and friends, and national politics

You can join in this morning, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2012 on live radio or listen online at by calling 773-792-1240

- 8 AM "Big Book of Science Experiments" published by Time for Kids. Editorial Director Bob Der will discuss the book.
- 8:30 AM Orland Park author Peter Thanos discusses his new book, The Fearless and the Feared. This thriller showcases a 1970’s Chicago mob that is on its way to distributing mass amounts of narcotics, and a detective, with a drug addiction himself, is relied upon to stop the cartel.
- 9 AM Chicago 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore discusses city politics and the transition from Mayor Richard M. Daley to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and other issues
- 9:30 AM Ali Younes discusses his interviews with Republican Candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and their views towards the Arab American community. We also discuss the one year anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution Jan. 25. Also, we follow up on the brutality of the Syrian Regime against civilian protesters. Click here to read the column.
10:30 AM Congressman Bill Lipinski discusses National presidential politics and more

We also look at the legislative battles in the Southwest suburbs with special mention of hypocrite extremist Republican activist with the Tea Party, Fran Eaton, who pretends to be an objective journalist. Click here for the story
Live on Radio every Sunday 8-11 AM CST
call 773-792-1240

Thursday, January 19, 2012


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Cook County, IL, January 19, 2012 – Cook County Republican Chairman Sig Vaznelis has named businessman Sean Morrison Palos Township Republican Committeeman.

For more than a decade, Morrison has actively supported Republican causes, including the Reagan Library. He is an active member of the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Business Advisory Council of the NRCC.  In 2005, he was awarded the Ronald Regan Republican Gold medal and, in 2007, was nominated to serve as a Delegate from the State of Illinois at the House Republican Trust Candidates' Convention.

Former National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) has said of Morrison: “Sean Morrison has long supported Republican ideals like debt reduction and tax reform as they relate to the growth and stability of small business in this country.”

“I believe Cook County Republican party’s platform is more business friendly and we need leaders from the business community to step up, work with us and be heard in Cook County and in Illinois.  Removing all outside factors, just looking at vision and business backgrounds made Sean the choice for Palos,” said Chairman Sig Vaznelis.

“I am honored to be named Palos Township Republican Committeeman,” said Morrison. “I’m looking forward to working with all people of good will – my fellow Republican township committeemen, grassroots leaders, businessmen, taxpayers, and concerned citizens – to build a Republican Party we can be proud of.”

Morrison has also performed extensive pro bono work in Cook County and Illinois. In November, Morrison was awarded LEADS 2011 Humanitarian Award for his work with LEADS and the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force in helping solve missing persons and exploited children’s cases over the years.

A self-made businessman, Sean Morrison, 44, is the Founder and CEO of Morrison Security, Inc. headquartered in Alsip, Illinois. Morrison Security has more than 1,000 employees nationwide. He lives with his wife, Lora, and two children in Palos Park.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Election Board throws out politically motivated Thompson complaint against Gormans

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Orland Park -- The Illinois State Board of Elections this week dismissed complaints filed against Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman by Mark Thompson alleging that there was improper disclosure in her campaign funds.

Originally Thompson, who Gorman defeated last year for the Republican nomination for the Cook County Board, had filed before the Illinois election board on January 11, 2010 eight (8) specific counts alleging fraud. During the nearly two year long hearing, Thompson was forced to withdraw seven of the complaints as being irrelevant and without merit.

The final count, asserting that the Gorman's received anonymous funding, was dismissed by the Board of Elections.

"This is a good example of how some individuals like Mark Thompson use and exploit the taxpayers' money, time and our public agencies to conduct their failed political campaigns," said Liz Gorman in reaction to the recommendations of the State Commission.

"Mr. Thompson filed his complaints purely for political reasons. He didn't care that the complaints would exhaust taxpayer dollars. He didn't care that the allegations were a lie. All he cared about was the ability to file his outrageous and proven false claims so that he could make a political statement during his failed campaign. In his capacity as an attorney and employee of the State of Illinois, he should be investigated for knowingly filing a frivolous complaint and forced to reimburse the taxpayers."

Gorman filed a counter claim successfully exposing Thompson and his political allies, including disgraced former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, for their illegitimate disclosure practices, and depositing receipts into his campaign manager’s checking account rather than his own campaign committee.

"The voters saw through the charades of both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Peraica who remains a defendant facing charges that he vandalized and destroyed the campaign signs of his opponent Jeff Tobolski and was then arrested and placed in a jail pending the filing of charges," Gorman said.

"These are not the kinds of people who should be representing the public.  They are a disgrace. Their total disregard for the interests of the taxpayers is now on full display for everyone to see."

Gorman said she will continue to fight for the best interests of the public and the taxpayers.

(Judge's Order Below)

) SS
In the Matter Of: ) )
Mark Thompson, ) )
Complainant(s), )
vs. ) 10 CD 001)
Elizabeth Gorman/The Gorman )
Good Government Group, )
Respondent(s). )
TO: Mark Thompson Elizabeth Gorman/The Gorman Good Government Group
1168 Margret Street 10834 Carolyn Court
Des Plaines, IL 60016 Orland Park, IL 60467
This matter coming to be heard this 12th day of January, 2012 following a Closed Preliminary Hearing of a Complaint filed pursuant to “An Act to Regulate Campaign Financing” (Illinois Compiled Statutes, 10 ILCS 5/9-1 et seq., herein referred to as the “Act”), alleging that the respondent(s) violated 5/9-11 and 5/9-25 in that the Respondent committee failed to correctly identify the source of certain campaign contributions and expenditures and received contributions made in the name of another; and the State Board of Elections having read the report of the Hearing Officer and hearing the recommendation of the General Counsel and now being fully advised in the premises:


1. No proof has been provided that the source of the loans was anyone other than Gerald Gorman; and
2. The name and address of the contributor of the loan was disclosed as required by Section 5/9-11(8), and
3. The Gorman Good Government Group did not act improperly in amending their campaign financing reports in relation to the source of the loans and their subsequent partial repayment, and
4. The loans were neither anonymous nor made in the name of another which would have been a violation of Section 5/9-25, and
5. There is no proof the reporting of the $390,000.00 in loans violated either Section 5/9-11 or Section 5/9-25.


1. The Recommendation of the Hearing Officer and the General Counsel is adopted; and
2. No further action is required, and
3. The effective date of this Order is January 17, 2012.
DATED: 1/17/2012
William M. McGuffage, Chairman


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fran Eaton's pathetic attempt to help her pal Dan Patlak

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Recently, as many South Suburbanites know from reading my columns, Fran Eaton, a rightwing political activist hack attacked me in her column at a little-known blog called "Illinois Review." Eaton has been campaigning to turn the Republican Party into a pantry for the Tea Party so she and her pals, other rightwing nut jobs, can take over. That's what she has been working on for years.

Click here to read my columns on the "Eaton scandal."

During the scuffle, Eaton and the Illinois Review denied that she was pals with Patlak. Really? That's a joke.

Just a few weeks ago Eaton wrote a scathing column attacking the Cook County Board of Review. (Click here to read that column.) Pretty obvious what she is saying, right. She's attacking the Board of Review and blaming all of the Board's problems and Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (which is ridiculous, by the way) and on the Democrats.

In fact -- and here is where the Eaton pro-Tea Party spin machine falls in to place -- Eaton wrote:
The powers-that-be who control the county board and county offices as well as the board of review (which hears tax assessment appeals) are all Democrats and so solidly in place that few, if any, challenge them during elections. It’s meaningless for the most part, and those in power know it. Welcome to the “benefits” of one-party rule.
"... Are all Democrats ..." at the Cook County Board of Review. Hmmm. Why would she write that? Well, her pal, her buddy, her chum Dan Patlak is a member of the Cook County Board of Review. But Patlak is a Republican endorsed by the Republican Party and by Fran Eaton.

"all Democrats?"

How does that get by an editor of her columns?

Patlak is as Republican as they come. In fact, the Republican Party is divided over Patlak and Sean Morrison, which is one reason why Eaton hates Cook County's leading Republican champion Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman. Gorman is a leader of the moderate, mainstream Republican Party. She represents everyday, average taxpayers and voters. She's been targeted by Eaton and Eaton's "creepy" friends. ("Creepy" is a word that Eaton and the Illinois Review use often to disparage anyone who disagrees with them, but they are the real creeps!)

Gorman is backing Morrison. Eaton and the Illinois Review are backing Patlak.

Eaton wouldn't disparage Patlak in her column bashing the Democrats because at least one of those "Democrats" -- Dan Patlak -- is a Fran Eaton Republican.

Here's a nice picture of the objective Eaton and Patlak together at the Republican State Fair in August 2011. (From Patlak's web page)

Here is Fran Eaton's writings attacking Sean Morrison to help Patlak, in one of the blogosphere's most rightwing blogs, making the bizarre claim that Morrison, who is a registered Republican, isn't a Republican at all. (To Eaton, anyone who isn't a Tea Party right wing fanatic is not Republican enough.) Click here to read that endorsement of Patlak from the Illinois Review's Eaton.

It was when I criticized another pal of Eaton and the Illinois Review, Jeff Junkas, that Eaton went spazz on me. Junkas did extremely well in the 2010 election against State Rep. Kevin McCarthy even though the Republican Party was split and Junkas did not have all the support. That's why, I wrote, that McCarthy decided to get out of the race to let State Rep Renee Kosel, a moderate mainstream Republican backed by Gorman take the district in the November elections. (Click here to read the column that lit Eaton's chubby fuse.)

Nice hack job Eaton! You're pathetic like the extremists you hang around with.

-- Ray Hanania

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Illinois Review and Fran Eaton continue racist bashing

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Poor little Illinois Review. They began a fight with me by attacking me and hiding their own racist bigotry that finally did come out in their multiple posts. But I took them on directly and confronted their lies and racism and now they are saying they are not goign to waste any more time on me, trying to connect me with Rod Blagojevich.

What a bunch of immature babies. Fran Eaton is the worst, a hypocrite who throws mud at people who criticize her personal friends and cronies like Jeff Junkass, the Tea Party extremist who was beaten by State Rep. Kevin McCarthy in 2010. When I criticized Junkas, Fran Eaton went berserk and starting attacking me, first saying that she wasn't pimping for Junkas (when she was) and then later attacking me because of my Arab heritage, which she and Illinois Review -- a racist publication with a racist past record -- published their second attack against me.

But when the protests came in hot and heavy against them, and their racism raised an ugly specter about their bigotry, they suddenly decided they want out of the hole they dug.

You are exposed Fran Eaton as a hypocrite, racist bigot. You can erase what you wrote to cover it up, and post updates to push evidence of racism down but everyone saw it.

And then to claim that somehow Rod Blagojevich is any more a friend than a friend of theirs (I never met or interviewed the former Governor even though I felt the sentence against him was too stiff), they can't say the same for the morons they hang around with.

Bring it on Fran Eaton and Illinois Review. I don't mind calling your bluff, exposing your poor writing, bad grammar and inaccurate reporting. Oh, and you won how many journalism awards? That's right. Just what I thought. Horrible people. Terrible publication. Exposed for the frauds that they are.

Click here to read my last response to their continued attacks. But they have been beaten down. Pathetic!!!

-- Ray Hanania

Poor Illinois Review and Fran Eaton, can't get their facts right but they love racist hate

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The Illinois Review is a blog. It's not a real reputable journalism source. It is a launching pad for right-wing nut jobs like Fran Eaton.

And the thing that nut jobs really hate is when they are taken to task, as I have recently skewered Fran Eaton and her writings. (She's not very good but that isn't as bad as her inability to get the facts right.)

Eaton launched a vicious attack against me last week when I wrote about the decision by State Rep. Kevin McCarthy to resign from his legislative seat. He did so because the state remapped districts and Republican State Rep. Renee Kosel, a Republican powerhouse from New Lenox/Mokena region decided to run in that 37th district. I noted, accurately, that McCarthy got a pass in two prior elections in 2006 and 2008 but faced a stiff challenge from an unknown (and thin-skinned) rightwing nut job Jeff Junkas. Click here to read the column which has been picked up and circulated throughout the state.

Junkas is a rightwing crackpot with no real substance. Just a lot of yelling, screaming and anger. he is also a GOOD FRIEND with Fran Eaton who is now distancing herself from him hoping that she can pretend to be objective and promote his candidacy to give her pals a leg-up in local politics. (They haven't been doing well at all.)

Eaton, like Junkas, hates moderate and mainstream Republicans like Kosel and Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman. Liz is the leading Republican in Cook County. Because I have written some columns praising Gorman, while criticizing Junkas, Illinois Review unleashed their poodle, Fran Eaton, to lumber through some ridiculous column (taken from the Chicago Sun-Times) about McCarthy's plight attacking me to defend the honor of Mr. Junk-ass. They referred to Southwest Suburban politics as "creepy."

No. The only thing creepy is Fran Eaton.

So I responded to Eaton's inaccuracies (as noted in the link above.)

And Illinois Review responded last night attacking me again. They can't get their facts right, as usual.

Eaton has never been a good writer and she is a journalistic fraud. She's an activist pimping for political pals of Illinois Review. Everyone knows that. But Illinois Review can promote the charade that they are objective all they want. No one believes them.

Here's their most recent personal attack. (Click to read their racist attack.) Note at the end when they can't provide any facts to contradict my points in my columns, they resort to racism and hatred. (Yes, I am Palestinian Arab, though they think I am Muslim. My wife Alison and my son are Jews. And I write for the Jerusalem Post, a real newspaper, unlike Eaton. And I stand up for peace in the Middle East, something the nut jobs in the Arab community dislike too -- ah, Eaton is much like the very people she despises!) When you can't attack the facts you attack the messenger and when you have nothing of substance to say about the messenger, you resort to racism.

So now Fran Eaton and the Illinois Review are racist. Why am I not surprised? The fact that Eaton and Illinois Review have to resort to racism and hate is not surprising since they are defending the segment of the Tea Party that has used racism and hatred as a part of their far right wing ideology. They are living proof of my contention that the Tea Party has some racist bigots among their ranks. (Thanks Fran for the proof.)

They are no different than the Jew-hating sites like Ilhras that constantly attack me.

-- Ray Hanania