Friday, May 4, 2007

Not all the Republicans presidential contenders supported the war

I received this letter:

Mr Hanania,

In the article you wrote about the Republican Debate, you erroneously labeled all 10 Republican candidates as supporters of the current war in Iraq when you wrote the following: "My God the lies are sickening and seeing all 10 of you Republicans who supported those lies through your political fealty or through lack of action or courage to speak out standing on stage together reminds of why you all have to lose."

Meanwhile, Congressman Ron Paul was one of the candidates at the debate and he was against the war from the beginning. He voted against the Iraq War resolution, while almost all other Republicans and many Democrats, including Hillary, voted for it. Paul spoke about that very fact in the debate, as he was questioned on it due to his stance as the only GOP anti-war candidate. My guess is that you missed that part. He also voted against a resolution made back in 1998, when Bill Clinton was in office, which made regime change in Iraq part of our official foreign policy. Those who voted for this war and still defend it deserve to be lambasted for doing so. However, while doing so, do not lump in others into that group simply because of their party affiliation.
Garry Cobb

In all fairness to Ron Paul, I hadn't heard much about him and didn't find much under his name on the war. However, assuming it is true that he opposed the war, I give him some points and lift him about the other 9 ... however, I still think he has not done a good job of opposing the war, he seemed to fall into line during the debate with the others ... and in reading his MySPace page,. I see his main focus is attacking Kucinich ... is that his MySpace page really? DO MORE RON ... and DO A BETTER JOB AT IT TOO

Ray Hanania

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Garry said...

"however, I still think [Ron Paul] has not done a good job of opposing the war, he seemed to fall into line during the debate with the others"

He is one of the few people in Congress who has the chutzpa to defund the war, which is likely the only way it can be ended before the end of Bush's presidency.

That goes along with numerous anti-war speeches and proposals that Ron Paul as put forward. Honestly, I doubt there is another D.C. politician doing more to stop this war and change the course of our foreign policy than Ron Paul.