Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This week's column and more

This week's print column looks at the works of Burbank native John McNally who has authored three books including my favorite, "The Book fo Ralph." All threebooks are based on his experiences and growing up in Burbank and the Southwest Side city and suburbs.

Although Ed McElroy invited me to tape his Comcast show two months ago -- and we taped it -- it still has not been broadcast. Anyway, you can catch my Comcast Show every Friday night at 8:30 PM on Channel 19 in the suburbs. I don't know if the problem has to do with politics, Comcast poor track record or something else.

Online, my columns have been focusing on the losing war in Iraq ... Veto the War and Veto Bush. Don't cave in to his poor leadership and demagoguery.

And they've moved the Orland Days festival again, this time from the tight confines of the old Homemakers parking lot at the Orland Mall to the new Costco Parking lot on 159th Street just west of LaGrange Road. Maybe the Village of Orland Park will put some real effort into the festival this year. The past two years' events were poor, nothing like it was in the past.

We host a movie showing every month or so at the Bridgeview Community Center. The last movie was April 24 entitled "Reel bad Arabs," a documentary on the bigotry and discrimination in the Hollywood industry that exists against Arab Americans. The next film is July 24 at the Bridgeview Center (7901 S. Oketo, 2 blocks west of Harlem Avenue) and is about the lying and exaggerations that went into the Bush war in Iraq and how American problems in the Middle East can be traced back to the CIA intervention in Iraq in 1953 when they deposed the Democratically elected Prime Minister because he questioned the policies of the American controlled oil companies. That started a real dominos chain reaction that led to the rise of the Sha of Iran tyranny, his fall and the rise of the Ayatollah religious fanaticism, and then America's support for Saddam Hussein in 1980s. Pathetic.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 7 PM Movie StartA documentary on the war crimes of President George Bush, the lies of Donald Rumsfeld and the crimes of Vice President Dick Cheney in the war in Iraq. How the Military Industrial Complex is stealing American freedoms to undermine American Democracy, and the truth behind the war in Iraq.Bridgeview Community Center7901 S. Oketo, (2 blocks west of Harlem Ave)Bridgeview

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