Saturday, May 5, 2007

Two big ethnic holidays clash in Chicagoland, Judge Dufus Pearson and more random thoughts

Ethnic Holidays
It's both Polish Constitution Day and Cinco de Mayo ... wow. What a tough choice. Do I eat Polish at my favorite Polish restaurants, Bobak's, or do I find another Mexican restaurant? Okay. It's Mexican. 191st and Wolf Road in Mokena has a great place where we ate and enjoyed Mexican music Friday night -- a day before each holiday.

Paris Hilton
Why don't they just leave Paris Hilton alone? She's a kid having fun. People jealous? Get off her back.

Judge Dufus in Washington
And what about this jerk Judge in Washington D.C. Roy Pearson Jr? What an a-hole. "Judge" Pearson is suing an Asian couple that own the cleaners where the judge says he lost his pants. What a dufus? The judge is suing for $65 million. He should be thrown off the bench, fired and forced to pay the couple back for every penny in legal fees he has forced them to spend all because Judge Dufus says they lost a pair of pants, which they later found. And then they offered to pay him first a few thousand, then as much as $12,000.

You hear about vrilous lawsuits all the time and now comes a judge that engages in such despicable conduct. He should be prosecuted for abusing his position on the bench and he should be stripped of his credentials as a lawyer. It's almost like a cop who betrays the public trust and engages in misconduct as so many Chicago police officers do these days in Chicago.

Pearson: You're PATHETIC!

Here's a link to one of the many AP stories being published on Judge Roy DUFUS Pearson Jr.

Paul Wolfowitz still there?
Why is Paul Wolfowitz still at the World Bank? He should have been fired long ago. What's the issue. He abused his position, too, at the bank to give his girlfriend a high paying job. Wolfowitz is the moron who helped craft the American lies that sent more than 3,200 of our honorable soldiers to their deaths in Iraq, a wasted war that should never been fought that has nothing to do with fighting terrorism at all. Iraq has in fact created more terrorism and has made American far less safe than we were even on Sept. 11.


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