Friday, August 31, 2007

Archpundit: namecalling but little knowledge

The ArchPundit loves to dish it out, but everyone says he has a thin skin when it comes to criticism. So be it.

In responding to my column on the fight between Blagojevich and Madigan,

Archpundit takes sides, as he always does, with clout, rather than reason. And, to emphasize his ignorance, uses namecalling rather than logic to address issues. Typical. But then, how many journalism awards has he won? Come to think of it, did he ever even serve in the U.S. Military?

Here's the link to the bile:

The fact that he has to address my column is more significant than what he has to say. (You're not on Madigan's payroll, are you Archie?"

You know he's shilling for Madigan when he ignores the fact that Madigan is only really representative of his legislative district and is given power not by the authority of voters, but by the authority is political clout and insider favoritism. He's annointed by legislators who enjoy his largesse. Blagojevich, on the otherhand, is directly elected by the voters and not only has the powers that the ArchPundit articulates, but he also has the right to intervene and insure the legislature does the right thing.

Wow. What a strange concept in Illinois' corrupt political system of insiders, pals and partisan pundits.

-- Ray Hanania

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