Saturday, September 1, 2007

Don't mind public discussion/debate with ArchPundit-dude!

as long as he stays civil, if he can.

Her's the link to his recent post:

The point is Blagojevich HAS THE RIGHT to everything he has done, calling special sessions, introducting legislation. ANYONE can introduce legislation through a specific process, not just legislators.

Has Blagojevich done something wrong in trying to push through his agenda the way he has? The issue will be decided in a legal court. I think Blagojevich will win and when he does, it will be a major blow to the repressive politics of the Madiganiacs who rule the state.

Keep it civil and show you have some class, as I always respected your postings in the past "Archie."

As for Madigan taking at shot at Blagojevich, he didn't really support Blagojevich's re-election as enthusiastically as he has supported other candidates and we all know that. He gave Blagojevich a rough time, so you know exactly what I was referring too. But you can ignore the facts of Madigan's laying back.

And even if Blagojevich did not articulate a program during an election, he articulated his mission and agenda in specific and broad strokes and people voted for him because they trust his judgment and instincts and his commitment to doing what's right. So when he does unveil a new program after an election, at least he's not like most other politicians who promise not to increase major taxes before an electiona nd then turns around and does it with ghusto.

Civil, Archie. Civil.

By the way, I didn't compare Blagojevich to Washington. I compared the battle led by Madigan against Blagojevich to the battle led by super sleaze dcarksider Ed Vrdolyak against Washington. Don't change comments.

-- Ray Hanania

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