Friday, September 14, 2007

House Speaker Michael J. Madigan's flak responds to column ...

Friday 9/14/07
Hate to bust up the myth, but the $1 million waste was caused by the guy calling the special sessions, not the Speaker. Regular session days after May do not get per diem.
I realize you are doing opinion pieces, but you might want to do it on the square.
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Steve Brown

-- Hey Steve

still at the trough?

that's a nice spin on your part, but the fact that you stand in his way as he tries to reform the state contributes for something ...

It's kind of like President Bush in reverse, isn't it. He runs the country and the legislature is lame ... Blagojevich runs the state and you guys find courage to stop him ... too bad the Democratic congress doesn't have the moxxy you guys have

come on the radio show sometime and we can buzz about it :)

Ray Hanania

[Notice when you reads the column that Steve Brown interjects arguments I didn't make ... and avoids the ones I did make -- like the FACT that legislators get all kinds of perqs ... so why should they care if the state spends more money? Here's the column:


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