Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Wirtz passing -- end of a legacy

Bill Wirtz died, losing a battle against cancer.

Although he was always criticized because of his ownership of the blackhawks, I hate sports so had no reason to dislike him. Actually, I liked him very much.

I had a chance to work with him and his son, Rocky, who shared the same birthday if I am not mistaken (October 5). During my sabbatical from journalism, I helped the Wirtz family's company, Judge & Dolph, fight back oppressive policies being rammed through the legislature by the California wine industry.

I got to meet both Bill and Rocky. Both great people.

My condolences to the Wirtz family for the loss of their father, grandfather. And condolences to the media hypocrites who will say how much they loved him: who are you going to pick on now?

-- Ray Hanania

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