Thursday, September 13, 2007

Great first radio show on WJJG ... more on Sen. Craig's slippery foot

We had a great first show Wednesday on WJJG AM 1530 Radio. About 30 callers, guests included Congressman Dan Lipinski, WLS TV's Sarah Schulte, mob and White Sox author Rich Lindberg, and Washington DC Pulitzer Prize columnist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune joining in to discuss everything from the War in Iraq, to the Calabrese trial to the presidential elections.

I have to laugh at Sen. Larry Craig's attempts to wihdraw his no infamous guilty plea in the alleged sex case at the Minneapolis Airport bathroom. Police charged Craig with trying to solicit sex from an undercover police officer who was in a bathroom stall next to one Craig was in at the airport. Craig allegedly slipped his foot under the stall and then waved his hand along the floor under the stall wall.


Now, faced with bi-partisan censure and his promise to resign with whatever dignity is left, CXraig wants to hang on to his job hoping he can changed what he started. Remember, Craig pled guilty in the hopes of avoiding any public knowledge of the incident. Like that would happen. The fact that he was dumb enough to believe that something so outrageous can remain a secret forever only reinforces the calls to have him leave office immediately.

Get out, man.

But Craig insists that he withdraw his guilty plea and fight the charges, hoping that somehow he can reverse the growing public opposition. Let's face it, incumbent politicians never leave office voluntarily, and even in such disgusting circumstances as those surrounding the Craig controversy.

Shame on you Senator!

-- Ray Hanania

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