Saturday, September 15, 2007

re-assessing Steve Brown on Madigan's staff

I have to say that since the first email I received from Mike Madigan's key consultant Steve Brown, I have to re-assess my views and give him much more respect than I have. Steve not only has a great sense of humor, but he clearly seems to show that he recognizes the ongoing battle between journalists and government officials and have a thick skin ... if everyone in public life had his ability to address the right of people to question and challenge their public servants, we would have a far better world ... so, I humbly offer any apologies to Steve for having assumed he would be like the political types I always encounter -- no sense of humor, arrogance and belief that they are always right -- and recognize that Madigan is lucky to have Steve on his staff

That doesn't mean we won't disagree, but Steve shows that his ability to engage in a discussion with civility suggests his points may deserve more credit than I have given him

Ray Hanania

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