Monday, April 14, 2008

The biggest whiner in the world ... J.K. Rowling

What a real loser. J.K. Rowling, who has made millions on her "Harry Potter" book series is upset that someone had the nerve to take the pop culture her books have instilled around the world and put it in a companion book.

Rowling is crying that Steve Vander Ark's plans to publish an encyclopedia based on terms and prhases that have left Rowling's books and have become household words, violates her copyright. Vander Ark's genius idea has been to take the lexicon of Harry Potter -- which has become a language all its own in the world, and put it all down in an encyclopedia.

Hogwash! Someone should wave a wand and put Ms. Rowling in a 15th Century dungeon, and torture her back to reality. Rowling is an ungrateful author who eagerly cashes the checks from exploiting her readership audience, but wants to keep the most dedicated audience members from taking what they have learned from her books and interpreting them into a lexicon collection.

I am on the side of Vander Ark, a librarian who has spoken at Harry Potter conferences in several countries. Rowling counters she was planning to write her own lexicon and would donate the proceeds to a charity. She asserts she is anguished by Vander Ark's project

More Hogwash. Hogwarts. Hog is probably the best term yet. Add that to your lexicon Rowling witch!

Ray Hanania

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