Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday's radio show line up on WCEV 1450 AM Radio Chicagoland

Some of the guests scheduled for Thursdays edition of Radio Chicagoland, WCEV 1450 AM Radio, 4 to 6 PM (streaming live on the internet at

4:05 PM: Authors of a new book"Hidden Letters," a true story of an 18 year old Dutch Jew's tale of the Holocaust while interned inside a forced labor camp in 1942. The annotators of Hidden Letters (Deborah Slier and Ian Shine, a 75 year old couple who commute on their bicycle built for 2 rom Central Park to Queens) discuss how the hidden letters from 1942 surfaced in the 1990’s, how they felt upon meeting the survivors of the Sobibor concentration camp uprising, and why this honest account of a young Jew trying to survive in an internment camp during the Holocaust is so moving. I'd be happy to ship you a review copy of the book. May 1 is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

5:05 PM: VOICES OF OUR SOLDIERS feature! First Sgt. Scott Maynard, is from the Southeast Side of Chicago, Illinois, talks about serving in Iraq. Maynard is currently now in Iraq at "FOB Hammer" near Sadr City and is expected to return to hsi wife and four children in June. He comes from a long line of War veterans with 12 of his family members having served in the military since World War II. (Pre-taped)

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