Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google's having serious problems ... what the stock drop like a lead balloon

Google used to be the tops ...a nd all of a sudden, little cracks are appearing all over its Titanic Hull ... like ont he Video page where users upload videos. It used to have a perfect system to manage and record hits. You could get a total views on videos that you have uploaded for the day, the week, the month, past month and "all time." It was amazing, one of the things that made Google Video the best.

Now, the system is crashing practically every week and Google has to restart the counters ... they can't keep their statistics system running properly and the data keeps changing. It is very unreliable.

In addition, Google News isn't so newsy any more. It is too selective in what it showcases. It used to have a very liberal policy of placing articles on its front news page. Now, it's no different than mainstream sites. You used to be able to read some stories that might not otherwise find their way to your computer screen. In otherwords, what Google News offers now is the same crap that most mainstream online media offer. Nothing new. Same old same old. No diversity. Just rehash.


Ray Hanania

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