Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beware of Window's Vista and also Best Buy stores

I have to say I am shocked at how Best Buy takes advantage of consumers. Last month I purchased a new computer from them -- a Windows Vista 64 Bit "entertainment" system from HP, to help my radio and TV broadcasts expand on the Internet.

(The solution to the problem is listed at the bottom of this Blog Entry, if you are searching for answers to the same problem.)

I ALSO purchased the two year warranty plan -- must have been about $200 more.

Last week, the DVD/Blue Ray player on the laptop disappeared completely from my system. Just vanished.

I took the computer back to Best Buy and asked if they could help restore my DVD player ont he alptop I JUST PURCHASED FROM THEM. They said sure, for $139 and five days. But if I wanted a rush, it would be about $150 more and they could have it back maybe in one day.

So much for Best Buy's Warranty!

It took three days of research to discover it required some real technical work on the Windows Registry. I checked the Vista Manual -- it doesn't exist either. The new computers don't come with printed manuals. It's all online. And they are worthless. I tried their suggestions of reverting my system to an earlier date to correct the problem. (Didn't work).

I then downloaded several Free Trial Registry programs, Like Registry FixIt. WORTHLESS. It doesn't work with 64 bit systems, but they don't tell you that until you donwload it. I then downloadedClean My PC Registry software which said I could try it for FREE for 15 days and then decide to purchase it.

I downloaded it and then ran it. It said I had 170 registry problems. And when I went to "fix" it using my 15 day FREE trial, of course, they took me to a web site and forced me to either purchase it or suffer. So, the bottom line is they lied. There is no 15 FREE Trial at all.

I ended up purchasing it for $29.95 believing that maybe that would solve my problem. It did not. It fixed the registry errors, it said existed. But did not fix the problem with the AWOL DVD/Blue Ray system on my HP Windows Vista 64 Bit piece of garbage laptop.

I tried for three days to research the issue online and there were a lot of complaints but no real answers, but I discovered one clue. The issue of the AWOL DVD/Blue Ray player has to do with High and Low Filters on your registry -- which registry fix programs don't address.

Of course not.

I went back to Best Buy and explained what I thought the problem was. They said I was wright. But wanted $139 and five days or an additional $150 to get it done right away.


So I went back home and low and behold this morning, I stumbled on this site ont he Internet. It is from Sequim Personal Computer Repair Service. They walked me through the problem step by step. And low and behold, it solved the problem. It took all of 5 minutes, following their directions carefully.

-- Ray Hanania

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ray,

I appreciate your kind words regarding the registry fix. I am glad I was able to save you a few bucks on Best Buy repairs.

Lyle Kingsley
Sequim PC