Thursday, December 11, 2008

LETTERS: Jane Byrne does deserve credit

I absolutely agree that Jane Byrne deserves credit and recognition for her many accomplishments as Mayor of the city of Chicago.

She was the first to envision Chicago as a “world class” city and her “Taste of Chicago” and the summer neighborhood festivals are an important part of her legacy. She served during a very challenging time for big cities – the late 1970s and early 1980s saw many of the big American cities in decline due to the dire national economy.

I do believe there was at least some element of sexism in the treatment and coverage of Jane Byrne. Imagine if it was Mayor Jane Byrne instead of Mayor Richard Daley who bulldozed Meigs Field.

Byrne was a hard –working mayor and had a lot more charisma than the average Chicago politician of the 1980’s.

Amazingly, almost 30 years after her election, she is still the one and only female mayor to be elected in any of the three largest US cities.

Thanks again for reminding people that Jane Byrne is an important part of Chicago history. She deserves our recognition and appreciation.

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