Monday, September 7, 2009

County Commissioner Deborah Sims hides behind racism to defend her worthless trackrecord

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Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims, the whining face of crybaby elected officials who rampage through taxpayer's rights to pad their own useless offices and do-nothing services wants to blame her "colleagues" for "fueling" a stupid, racist call that she received the other day on her county office telephone. Sims should apologize to the voters, taxpayers and to her two colleagues on the Cook County Board whom she viciously attacked, Larry Suffredin and Tony Peraica.

It was such a spectacle, a circus, really, as cameras and microphones were held up to the tiny speaker on the county phone as Sims played back the voice message left by some moron who ranted against her vote flip-flopping to allow the repressive 1 percent Todd Stroger Sales Tax to stand. It sounded like there was more classlessness than racism in the caller's voice as he spewed racist comments and foul words.

I bet no one ever heard of Sims until this moment when some racist moron decided to put her into the spotlight. Sims has done nothing but occupy a worthless seat on the Cook County Board since 1994 -- she's been on the county board for 15 years and no one can come up with one thing that she has ever done in office except fatten her campaign war chest and raise money.

Sims comes out of the Chicago Democratic Machine where she worked before she was handpicked by the Machine to "represent" the district. She served on the County "construction" committee, which gives her the ability to hit county contractors up for contracts. She raised $48,000 in the last half of 2008, an amazing amount of money when you consider her mediocre record and do-nothing career in office.

Her biggest sponsors is Wilson Frost, the former Chicago alderman.

There is no question in my mind that the call made to Sims' office was a set-up and I will put odds that this is an old Chicago machine Trick. When you want sympathy after running over an old lady trying to cross your street -- which is how I compare Sims' vote to sustain Stroger's veto of the sales tax rollback -- you break your own window. But in these days and times where everything is racism, a phone call from some hack -- twice to the same phone apparently -- is even better.

Just as they never find the culprit who threw the rock through the window of some Chicago alderman, they will probably never find the racist caller. He might actually be on the Machine's payroll just doing his job. And in the event that the call is real, blaming it on County Commissioners Tony Peraica and Larry Suffredin, who were on radio last week the night of the vote condemning her, is outrageous.

Sims should apologize immediately for that comment. In fact, her accusation against Peraica and Suffredin is even more outrageous than the racist call, if that call was even real and not a set-up.

Sims should take responsibility for her failed leadership as one of the most undistinguished officeholders in Cook County. She can't even defend her actions on a level playing field because there is no defense for her ignorant vote on the board. So she hides behind racism and blames a questionable racist call on two colleagues who rightly called her out.


That phone call was probably the only time Deboarh Sims ever listened to the opinions of one of her constituents.

-- Ray Hanania

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bronstein72 said...

Maybe I didn't hear the whole thing, but I didn't hear anything racist.