Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Endorsements for Cheryle Jackson for the U.S. Senate

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U. S. Senate candidate Cheryle Robinson Jackson lands key legislators, women endorsements

CHICAGO – U. S. Senate candidate Cheryle Robinson Jackson today received key endorsements from U. S. Representative Bobby Rush, State Senator Rev. James Meeks and the Cook County Democratic Women Organization for her bid to fill the Illinois seat once held by President Barack Obama. These early endorsements signal strong support from the community.

“Cheryle is exactly who Illinois needs in the U.S. Senate,” said Rush. “Like many of us, she worked her way up to become a force for change and progress for everyday people. She understands from personal experience how important quality health care, education, and access to good jobs and opportunities are to Illinois families. She’ll take that fight to Washington.”

Illinois State Senator Rev. James Meeks said, “Cheryle brings people together from across the economic and political spectrum to solve problems facing everyday people: working and middle-class, poor and unemployed, entrepreneurs and small-business owners, the under and uninsured. She doesn’t wait for permission to lead – she just leads.”

Cook County Democratic Women President Rikki Jones called Jackson a candidate who,” can truly represent the interest of women and their families in the U. S. Senate.”

“We endorse Cheryle Robinson Jackson for her grasp of the issues, her track record of service and accomplishment, and her leadership to make sure everyone has the right to a good education, quality health care, to grow a business or have a job. We know she will stand tall for women and families.”

Jackson welcomed the endorsement and is pleased with the support her campaign is receiving as she begins to talk to people around the State.

“Illinoisans want someone like them, who knows what it’s like to face obstacles and overcome them. They want someone who will fight for change, and work with everyone to find practical solutions. They want someone driven by public service, not political ambition,” said Jackson.


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