Friday, September 4, 2009

Mayor Daley continues to be surrounded by disgraceful scandals -- one aide owns reputed drug haven

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For all the abuse that suburbanites take from the corrupt and dishonest elected officials in Chicago, the fact is that the controversies that surround most suburban officials pale in comparison to the scandals surrounding Chicago elected officials.

The latest is the story this morning that Mayor Daley's press secretary Jacquelyn Heard and her husband own a building that is reputedly a haven for drug dealers. The neighbors have been complaining for months and Heard's husband, according to the Chicago major acknowledges he is aware of the charges. Read the scandalous story?

Heard is notorious for ignoring the community press and arrogantly dictating who Hizzoner will speak too, causing the mayor most of his media problems that instead of blaming on his incompetent staff always blames on the mainstream media.

I've tried repeatedly to get through to Heard, but obviously she's too busy working her other job,m investing in properties in Chicago, including, according to the media, at least one property infested with reputed drug dealers.

You would think that the Press Secretary to the Mayor of Chicago would focus on doing her job, instead of buying buildings that allegedly become havens for drug dealers. Pathetic. But then, this is mayor Daley and his administration.

-- Ray Hanania

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