Monday, November 15, 2010

Liz Gorman's bankruptcy is a non-issue for voters

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The only reason anyone is talking about Liz Gorman filing bankruptcy is because she holds a public office. Maybe whent he economy is going gangbusters as it was a decade or more ago, one might wonder why someone with that kind of public stature would have to file bankruptcy.

But in the past 10 years, the nation's economy has tanked. I think we have been on the edge of a depression for many years, struggling from collapsing. This is the worst economy we have had in years. The Gorman's troubles with their business -- although Liz is named in all the documents, she is the spouse in a business arrangement that has gone south. It happens.

Today, I know more than 50 people who have filed bankruptcy. They come from all walks of life. Business people. Professionals in medicine and engineering. A few reporters, too. So why is it a story? Because she is Liz Gorman and the news media doesn't consider bankruptcy's a story unless it involves a celebrity.

We wish Liz Gorman and her husband Gerry and their family the best. Going through a bankruptcy is never easy. But Liz Gorman is a champion of fighting for the rights of the consumer and taxpayers that she deserves extra-ordinary support from us. There are so few elected officials who have shownt he chutzpah and strength to fight for taxpayers the way she has over the past few years.

I would rather have a bankrupt county commissioner, than one who does nothing and has all the money int he world to show for it.

Liz Gorman's bankruptcy is just a reminder that although she has taken on the role to fight for our interests on the Cook County Board, she is just like everyone else. And sometimes, things don't always work out in our private lives the way we hope.

-- Ray Hanania

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