Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You think something is going to change the day after the election? Think again

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You think something is going to change the day after the election? Think again

No, I'm not talking about whether the polls are right and the Republicans will sweep -- although let the Republicans take responsibility for the mess former President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney left on us after 8 years of mismanagement and a phony concocted war that cost billions.

I'm talking about the fact that no matter who wins, the economy sucks and it ain't gonna get better no time soon. Yes, Wednesday, millions of people will still be out of jobs. There are so many families out there in need and who have problems they just can't address because even if they do have jobs, they are not making enough money.

Healthcare sucks in this country despite the lies on the TV commercials from those special interest groups, like the one that portrays the fat lady who complains she had cancer and would have died under Canada's free medical system because she would have had to wait -- an out right lie that every acknowledges except for the fat lady's sponsors -- and she came to the US to get cancer treatment, the best int he world. Yes, the American health system is great -- not the best -- but who paid for her treatment? The phony commercial doesn't answer that. Because that is the problem. The privileged fat lady had a sugar daddy cover her cancer problem and yes, if you have money, who needs health care reform.

People are at home sick hoping to put off medical care for as long as possible because they can't afford it. That's the problem. Sure, healthcare is great in America -- if you can afford it and most people can't. And worse, the system is rigged to screw the poor.

For example, if you go to an emergency room in Chicago, the bill will probably be about $4,000 for basic care. If you don't have insurance, you have to pay and not being able to pay or having been there before and having failed to pay, you would be out on your sick ass.

But, if you have healthcare insurance, the insurance company negotiates a reduction in costs. The bill goes down to about $900. You pay your co-pay or deduction and the insurance company pays the balance.

So why is the system made to help the people who can afford healthcare and designed to screw the people who can't. Old people who have health care from retirement and bloated pensions could care less about the rest of the world and they only care about themselves. Because in this country, we don't care about seniors so they get scared and are easily stampeded to believe stupid claims like the death panels. How ignorant, but effective to swing the vote against healthcare.

And we'll still have government control even though the Republicans insist that they are opposed to increased government intervention in our lives. The truth is every Republican and Democrat and elected official lives completely under government controlled healthcare options. It's so good, they just don't want to give it to the rest of us, so they have us believing that we should hate what they love.

Are we stupid? Must be!

The debt will continue to rise and China will still be our mortgage banker. And they will continue to pump cheap and poisoned products in to our country and no one is doing anything about it because the people who can are benefiting from the relationship.

The terrorist threat continues and the candidates have all figured out how to use that terrorist threat to distract American voters from their own failures as government officials and candidates in public office. As long as there is something to fear, we don't have time to think.

You think anything is going to change Wednesday, the day after the election?

Think again.

-- Ray Hanania

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