Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tony Peraica loses election. Charges of destroying signs cost him the election

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Tony Peraica loses: His last minute Ninja routine destroying signs cost him the election

Loudmouthed Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica is projected to lose to McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski in one of the most outrageous examples of alleged campaign abuse by an incumbent.

Only days before, Peraica was arrested for allegedly destroying election campaign signs for Tobolski in McCook, after he was spotted in Stickney by police who suspected he had destroyed Tobolski signs there, too.

Peraica had a knack for pushing his face in front of every press conference, and turning every opportunity in to a PR stunt. But his arrest may have sealed the deal this time, and Tobolski has a strong voter lead over Peraica as the final precincts in Suburban Cook County are tallied.

With 214 of 230 precincts reporting, Tobolski leads Peraica by a landslide margin. Tobolski has 50.64 percent to Peraica with 42.29 percent. Tobolski took all of the 25 votes in the one precinct in Chicago.

Tobolski has 31,047 votes to Peraica who trails with only 25,933 votes, a comfortable margin of more than 5,000 votes. With only 16 precincts left to count, and an average of about 216 votes per precinct, or only 4,300 remaining votes in the district, Peraica falls short even if he takes all 100 percent of the remaining votes.

Say good bye to Tony Peraica.

Congratulations to Jeff Tobolski, who, for the first time, will give the 16th Cook County Board real representation.

-- Ray Hanania

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