Friday, March 25, 2011

Andrzejewski: Schaumburg mayor's race key to correcting Illinois’ “fatal death spiral”

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Andrzejewski: Schaumburg mayor's race key to correcting Illinois’ “fatal death spiral”

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Schaumburg residents have a historic opportunity in the mayoral election April 5, said fiscal reformer and 2010 candidate for Illinois governor Adam Andrzejewski in a speech to voters recently, to stem the crushing tide of deficit spending and unaccountability both within the Village and beyond.   
“This race is critically important to the state of Illinois,” Andrzejewski explained. “I believe that we have two years to correct the path. We’re entering a fatal death spiral of bigger government, more taxation, more borrowing, more spending and more regulation.” Incumbent Mayor Al Larson, Andrzejewski noted, by virtue his positions both in Schaumburg and as president of the Illinois Municipal League, is “part and parcel of that spiral.”

Andrzejewski made his remarks at “Toast to Reform Schaumburg,” a fund-raiser for Brian Costin, mayoral challenger in the April 5 Consolidated Election, held March 11. HEAR the entire speech here.
Referencing Costin’s self-authored “Taxpayer Protection Act,” Andrzejewski said, “Brian is running on a piece of policy that I think is one of the ideas that not only will save Schaumburg, but will save the state of Illinois. He simply wants to give the people of Schaumburg the right to vote on any tax increase. He feels that you should be the one – since you have to fund it – you should be the one to approve the tax hikes.

“That is a policy that needs to go from village to village … and it needs to go to Springfield and it needs to go to Washington, D.C.,” Andrzejewski added, “and Brian’s the guy who can carry it forward.”

Andrzejewski and Costin are leading the fight in Illinois for fiscal transparency and accountability. Costin contributed to drafting the Local Government Transparency Act: SB 37, currently under consideration by the Illinois legislature. As president of Schaumburg Freedom Coalition, he assisted dozens of local and regional government bodies, including the Village of Schaumburg, in improving public access to critical financial information.

Adam Andrzejewski founded For the Good of Illinois in 2007 with the mission of bringing transparency, accountability and limits to state and local government. Andrzejewski’s work has spurred local units of government to post more than $2 billion in check register spending online. He championed forensic audits in his 2010 gubernatorial run.

Brian Costin is endorsed in the April, 5 2011, race for Schaumburg mayor by Andrzejewski as well as Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois. His campaign website is


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March 25, 2011

Brian Costin

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